Wants...Needs ...Desires  

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6/6/2006 11:24 am

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Wants...Needs ...Desires

As people go through life they come to know wants,needs and desires though do not really know the true difference between the three.

I believe strongly that we only have three needs in our lives real needs in order to survive. Food,shelter and clothing. From the high Arctic to the Hottest of deserts to the lowest point of our earth to the highest with these three things you will surely parish sooner or later.

The food you eat does not have to be the highest of quality that is seen over and over again in our world. Gruel will keep a person alive with a little water to sub stain the body. Not ideal though it works. However with out the right nourishment the body slowly dies and it happens here in North America too sadly.

Clothing too is a need. Just think how long you would last without the proper clothing. It does not have to be the best name brand, functional is often the winner over all. What good is your Josie,Kline,Chaysheak under ware with matching bra in the high Arctic where no one is going to see it. The elements will get a person sooner or later with out the right clothing and a designer label will not help.

Shelterer is a need and one of the three needs. A person can survive in a cardboard box as long as clothed properly. Just think of the number of people sleeping out in the streets not idea though in the right weather and some food they seem to survive. In the cold or heat sooner or later without a place to shelter you your worm bait.

However a dose of love of some kind is also a need in order to survive properly.

Wow! I want,I want I want. Sound familiar? We do not need the big screen TV,SUV,cell phone,MP3 players we want them. All the material things that make our lives easier. Or do they? Having become a part of our lives all we can live without though have a much better time with them.
Myself I yet have to buy my first cell and my last TV was 'Get up off your ass and push the button on the TV switcher.' We had full cable what would life be without a little luxury. Car? No I use these things called 'Feet' and there is a bus and taxi. Just look at all the gas money I am saving. Yes I want things too and have many of my wants as do others. We all have wants they are just different to each of us.

Funny thing of all three desire is one of a need and a want. Most all desire the best of food,clothing and shelter, though in reality it does not happen. The material desires of life . What about the mind and body desires? Many of us desire a a partner that is everything we 'want', how realistic is that? In our dreams perhaps. We all have flaws, I know I do. I like all others desire a Lover that can please me as I please him. Though what I really 'want' and 'desire' is a partner that will take me as I will take him and not try to change anything.

I do not 'need' a partner in my life I Want and Desire a partner in my life. Life is so much fuller with the right partner to share all aspects with and to be shared with. The intellect of the mind the heart the soul to connect as two becoming one. Sounds good doesn't it.

Needs,wants and desires, what are yours? Do you know? Really know?

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