The storm  

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6/10/2006 11:09 am

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The storm

Tide is in and seagulls cry

Driftwood floating big and small deadheads a danger to every boat

Eagle soars talons out looking for salmon that swim about

Dark clouds rolling in fast and full and the sailor knows

Salmon is caught and eagle heads home

Waves start crashing along the shore higher and higher as the winds start to blow

Fishing boats head on home to make the mark before the gails start

Lighthouse upon the craggy rock starts to shine for those still out there

Southeasterlies begin to blow and ocean waves start to roll

Clouds ominous and thickly black no longer can hold back

A crash of thunder a lightning bolt the ocean thrashing and the southeasterlies blow

Higher and higher the wave roll as the southeasterlies begin to blow

Torrents of rain come crashing down pounding to the the thunder sound

Lightning flashes in giant forks and the south-easterlies blow

Light house begins her cry to keep the weary sailor safe though he not be dry

When the storm of the southeasteasterlies blow pray to God your lover comes home

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