The Mountain at Night  

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6/4/2006 11:45 pm

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The Mountain at Night

The sun lowers her head below the mountain pass.

Moon rises on the horizon though never had set.

Birds sing the last of their love songs to rest.

Loon calls the haunting cry to his lover awaits her reply.

Buck starts to bawl for his harem to come in for the night.

The crickets cleek all the more in the Summer heat.

Frog by waters edge start their chores to see who will win a mate.

All is quiet in the mountains high at night under the stars.

The mountains high where wolves still sing under the nights canopy of stars.

The mountain at night alive with sounds and life abound.

The mountain at night peace as the rest of the world sleeps is awake.

Have you heard the mountain at night.

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