Mountain Love...The morning goes on...  

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6/10/2006 6:40 pm
Mountain Love...The morning goes on...

Taking her mouth slowly up off his cock placing gentle kisses over the head and down his shaft to balls kissing them gently then back up to the head once again. Slowly she kissed her way up his body to his mouth, kissing him softly then deeper a hand still on his manhood cradling it knowing that it soon would spring into action again.
He caressed her face with his hand and going up on an elbow kissed her brow and slowly each cheek,tip of her nose, lips ever so gentle and chin. Almost as though taking her in not only with his eyes all senses as he would not be with her again after tomorrow morning for a very long time. He wanted to know all of her each inch again to have her scent,beauty,taste and more in his mind for a long, long time. Tomorrow he would be gone at dawns early light. They may or may not have time to make love before his leaving and they both wanted to get as much in as they could.
"God that felt great. Thank you." He always thanked her and kissed her deeply after, he did not know why, perhaps because it was a pleasure he enjoyed so much and he knew not who enjoyed more. She was a lover that did not like giving oral sex she loved it and what better gift then a partner that could and would because she wanted to really wanted to.

He then went to work on her body tasting,caressing,breathing deeply her scent one filled with a woman's passion for her man. He knew when she was sexed up not only could he smell it showed he could read her desire and what she wanted most times and it turned him on hot and hard at knowing she wanted as much as he. Though too there had been times when she did not want want what he wanted though never turned him down. If anything her mouth was alway willing or rather as he rethought that was always willing with her mouth. He had in his thought been thinking of his pleasures by her yet was pleasuring her. His hands caressing her breasts tongue licking and tasting along her neck and sucking on an earlobe. He move to her throat and placed hot light kisses along and down. A hand caressed down along her sides seeking a hot wetness between her legs. Slipping fingers in he teased her clit and made it sensitive as his mouth and other hand played with her large round breasts. Large flat inverted nipples that when sucked came out of hiding, plump for pinching and teasing between teeth. Her breasts a part of her it seemed that he could not give enough attention to and great to tit fuck with. Something they both enjoyed.
Like before there will be more later...
For now it is time for even the lady writer to cool off a little ... all be it alone...
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