Mountain Love.... The End....  

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Mountain Love.... The End....

He returned that kiss and they knew how much the other was missed. He picked her up and carried her to the spot that she had made for their homecoming of making love. It would have all blown away had it not been for the picnic basket holding down the blanket.
It had been a longtime in the coming,unlike some that had been able to get home for a little time he had not now he would not have to leave again for a long time a very long time. Though there had been communication it was not the same as skin on skin the touch,taste,smell more so much more. It was not just the body he had missed it was the person as a whole the mind,the heart and soul the body was just the carrier of these things and to him it was the sweetest body around.

He lay her down and kissed her deep undoing a button of her sun dress then a second. "I missed you more then I thought possible. More then once thinking of you kept me from going out and finding relief with...Too there were times as you know when things were rough and knowing you were here kept me going." She looked into his eyes and knew he again the depth of his love. She undid some buttons of his shirt and then a few more. Neither wanted to go too fast rather wanting to enjoy the homecoming.

More of her buttons came undone as did his. They talked and kissed then both were naked as the sun was setting behind them reflecting into the water making it hues of pinks, reds and oranges. He had played with her pussy now again void of hair and she had fondled his cock and stroked it though already hard even before their first touch. Both were surprised at the fact that he had not just taken her hard and fast without any foreplay. She would not have minded as she knew he would have then taken her slow,very very slow the second time and it would not have taken him long to get hard again.

No this was a love making like no other. First he had played with her pussy and she his cock then he went down along her body kissing a hot trail of love and the odd tiny nip to her Venues Mound.
Once between her legs he kissed open her pussy lips and around her clit. Then had sucked and teases at it with his lips,tongue and fingers teasing and making her clit sensitive and pussy wet. His tongue in her licking away prodding as the tip of his nose rubbed her clit. Fingers stroking and playing as deep as he could get them,licking up and down sucking doing all the things to her that he had not done in well over a year. Then he stuck a thumb up her ass and started to wiggle it about as he licked and fingered her pussy, pinching at her clit. Reaching up at times to play with a nice big breast and tease nipples hard. Her body had responded to his touch as it always did and then even more.

He watched her pleasure build in her eyes and within her face. He felt it build as muscles tightened and relaxes the hips rising to his touch wanting more. Her words of wanton desire,passion and love, yes love one that could not be broken even from the distance he had gone. Her body wanted his as he wanted hers though he wanted to make her cum first then stick his dripping manhood into her deep hard and fast as she was still cumin and bring them both high again. The cool breeze the hard ground or the cliff the sound of the waterfall the trees around the lake the setting sun and the sound of peace. These were all things he had wanted when first making love to her all the things nature could bring natural and full of beauty.

Then the orgasms started and he drew himself up and over her, put his cock to her wet pussy and drove in hard and deep feeling the contractions around his thick cock her cervix wanting to suck him in deeper like a hungry little mouth. His balls smacked at her and he sucked at her large nipples hungrily wanting to draw them out. She was raising herself up to him wanting her clit against him as far as she could. He could feel his load and it was ready to explode there was no holding it back any longer. Both could feel the difference in his cock in her wanting to tell all 'this is it this is what I have been waiting for all these months.' He kissed her deep as he came and when at last he broke free from his heated assault on her mouth with his he turned his face to the sky and cried out his release as did she till they could no more.

Collapsing onto his side her took her into his arms and kissed her forehead,eyelids,cheeks, tip of her nose and along her neck his cock still in her growing hard again. "I had missed you like I had not thought possible all of you." The look in her eyes said it all there was no need for words in return she stroked his face renewing the look of him in her mind with her finger tips. Brow,forehead,nose,cheeks,chin,mouth gently caressing with tips of her fingers, placing feathery kisses on each breathing in the scent of him. Talking as lovers do.

The scent of her man the pheromones that drove her or just let her know he was there with in reach even if not in the same room. It was the lingering scent left behind by one that only 'the lover' could put in place. Yes, other women could and would smell the same-thing and be driven by it or not. She had though different a scent that drove him too and it also lingered.

It was she that drew away from him,kissing along his neck and sucking at an earlobe on down his neck to his chest,hands busy. One hand stroking his cock the other caressing his body feeling his response to her touch and the moans of pleasure. Farther and farther down his body she went hitting all the zones she knew drove him wild. Then she started to do what she knew he loved and was artful at. Loving his cock with her mouth. Teasing the tip of it with her lips and tongue one hand on his shaft the other caressing his body. There would be no stopping her she would make love to his hard throbber till it came in her mouth.

He had no desire to stop her as this was one thing that he missed the most of their love making. The oral she gave far surpassed any he had had by others an art that somewhere along the line she had mastered. Mastered, that was only work to describe what she did to his cock with her mouth. Having his manhood buried deep in he honey hole was best of all though if not there then her mouth. She spread his legs and bent up his knees to lick at his balls. To lick at his balls and around his ass under his shaft and up her hunger was great and this cock sucking was almost like a first time ever for them both after such a long time.

All the way down as far as she could go with her mouth,using her hand all of her heart going into sucking him her eyes telling of her pleasure. He knew it was her pleasure too as it made her hot or hotter and the enjoyment of oral for her was as it was for him to her. God it was feeling good the lips around like a gasket,tongue in constant motion, cheeks pulsing in and out along the sides and her head going up and down timed to her own pace. Feeling better and better as all worked as one. She knew almost as soon as he when he was going to shoot his load of hot juices into her mouth. The intensity of what she was doing became more intense though it would not have been thought possible. With this being the first time in over a year though he had had a multiple in her not long before he was going to cum hard and fast any moment. She knew and readied herself to take his juices all of it when he did. Again his letting the world know his pleasure at cumin to the loving of her mouth. His pleasure to the world as she had when she had cum when he took her only a few hours before.

When he had cum and she had him clean he reached down to bring her up to his side and kissed her sweetly. He held her to him as though it was a last time or a first. "What say you we eat what you have here and go home." She looked at him and he knew she agreed. Her eyes were wet and she let the tear slip unashamed."Home.Yes.Home, though in my arms you are home," and he know what she meant. The two lay there a moment longer ate and went home. Home to a place they would make love again and again till they could love no more that night.

Over head in the night sky an eagle flew home to his nest and mate up over the very ridge they were loving on his cry to her sounding off the peaks a rabbit in his talons for his love to share. In the rafters of their house the doves cooed gently to another their song of love. The human lovers embraced on the cliff watching the stars and the moon hearing the song of wolves in a distance. Each pair knowing the lover was home in the mountain love pure unhindered by distance or time.

So ends Mountain Love...
I enjoyed writing as much as you enjoyed reading.
I sung and one soared to my song...and to you I shall sing again.

For eagle

madcowrunning 54M

7/25/2006 10:21 pm

My sweet dove ,,, just wishing to fly you to my nest for rabbit to night,,,,,mmmmmmm
it is sad that this story had to end,,,, but it is time to start a new one,,,,wink,,,,,
the next week or two will be hard for me not see and hear from you,,,but you what is going on,,,,,my heart will be burning to hear from you,,,,,sing to me sweet dove sing that sweet song of joy and lust,, that is driving me and the others wild with desire of you aand the long nights of pleasure and pain,,,,,mmmmmmm,,,wink

the eagle has left the nest for a great time,,, to fly around the world,,, looking for new prey to feed on,,, with his sharp talons,,,to draw deep blood and flesh from his enemy,,,,,,

so is life,,,, the hunter goes to hunt the prey,,,,,

your eagle flying high on your on your song that lift his soul with your sweet song,,,,mmmmmm


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7/26/2006 5:18 am

To sing is a pleasure
To hear the song is a blessing
To feel the song is a dream come true

Watch your has a bite.


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