Mountain Love...  

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6/11/2006 9:06 pm
Mountain Love...

Large flat inverted nipples that when sucked came out of hiding, plump for pinching and teasing between teeth. Her breasts a part of her it seemed that he could not give enough attention to and great to tit fuck with. Something they both enjoyed.
Going further down her body he trailed hot kisses, fingers busy in her wet pussy clit becoming harder. When he reached the joining of her love spot void of hair,void since the second time they were together. He had convinced her to let him shave it bare and it had been bare since. They had been at his place after a day out. Arriving at his place enjoying the getting to know each other more it was something they both wanted though he knew not who wanted who more. They had rented a movie, nothing special and sitting close in-fact she had reclined into him and that was just comfortable to him. She was relaxed and the was a good sign. He did not want to push things though knew she would on and in her own time make a move. It could have been subconscious or not her hand had slid to his groin and he was being rubbed gently,subtly, ever so light. Almost shy. In her one way she was. She had not much makeup on both times and she dresses to be comfortable yet suited for the occasion and a lady too. Polity,curious,intel agent yet ever so sexy to him at least and that is what mattered.

Now he was ready to give her what she had given him great oral. First he parted her legs wide and bent them up, he wanted her fully. He had been busy with one finger in her pussy one at her clit and the other playing with her ass. Now he would lick and suck her till she cum all over his mouth and fingers. Sucking first on her clit then spreading her pussy lips he dove in deep with his tongue rubbing her clit as he did so. He caressed her body and could feel her response to his touch. He took her legs over his shoulders to get deeper into her and lick around her ass just a little he wanted to slip his fingers in there too to make her orgasm all the more intense. He licked and sucked fingering her pussy rubbing her clit feeling her body rise to his loving of her.

Looking up to her he saw that she was playing with her tits enjoying them then she opened her eyed and smiled meltingly sweet,hot and her tongue ran around her lips ever so sensually. She was enjoying very much and he could have her cum soon though thought best to make her really cum hard and fast. He gently slipped one finger into her ass and fucked her with it then went to work using his hot tongue in her pussy getting in as deep as he could rubbing her hard clit bringing it out fully. He would squeeze it between his fingers and let it go a little painful pleasure that she had actually taught him how to do. There were things each had taught the other and new things were always welcome, so much to do so much yet to explore. Soon she was pushing up into his mouth wanting more. God she was a hot hungry vixen, ready to pleases and be pleased. He had yet in the few years together heard,"Not tonight dear, I have a headache." Or any other reason for not having sex or making love. He had learned there was a difference between having sex,fucking and making love and all were three she liked too or was it loved? Hell. she just enjoyed her body and his and that was also all that mattered.

Diving his tongue in deeper and then sucking her hard swollen clit finger fucking her ass and sticking two into her pussy working them fast and faster. She was moaning and telling of her pleasure wanting him to go faster and deeper. He did. Her body came to his mouth,hips rising riding his tongue his face wanting his fingers in her harder. He had taken and put two fingers up into her ass and soon he could feel the contractions around them. Her juices began to flow out and over his tongue to his mouth hot and salty sweet. Her legs quaked and spasm after spasm took her and she arched her back wanting to get more of him. Her moans of pleasure excited him and his cock had grown hard wanting to be inside her. Soon it would be and again the two would cum though this time together. Her legs shook only a little now and he moved up along her body kissing tender kisses along the way. When he reached her lips he offered her his fingers dripping with her juices and she sucked them clean deep into her mouth enjoying her juices. She went and dipped her fingers into her pussy and together the two of them enjoyed as she put it on her lips and his and the two kissed deeply.

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