Mountain Love...  

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6/7/2006 9:33 pm

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Mountain Love...

They knew he would be off to a war torn country again and it was not the first time. The time had come all too soon for his leaving it would be their last day and night together for along time and the thought of his not coming home was unspoken.

There would be no tears she was strong and knew that tears would only make it all the harder for them both. No this was a time to be together happy to bond to love for each knew it would be a long time again before they were in each others arms again.

She had awoken to his standing over her with a tray with a bowl on it filled with berries sweet both black berries and strawberries. There was a steaming cup of coffee,black. He stood looking at her sleep only a sheet over her body. Now mature yet so young. Her hair was a red hue for now and he never knew what shade of red/auburn it could be it all depended on her mood and box colour. Though her eyes,her eyes the window of her very soul. He could see her soul through them and a good one it was. Though God could she still be a hellion if done wrong. She was a hellion,spitfire in bed still too always ready hot and all his. Though a freer spirit he had never seen . Passionate,sensual,hot,sexy yes that and more. Her mind was a big part of all that she was.

Placing the tray on the dresser and flinging open the curtains and French-doors the sun streamed into the room and she awoke like a big cat stretching a smile spread her lips. Picking up the tray he walked over to the bed. "Bout time you woke up." "Really? What time is it? 7-8?" "No it's 6:30" Brining herself to an upright and sitting back her breasts full and ripe looked very appetizing. He placed the tray at her lap kissing her brow,stroking her hair away hand to her shoulder and over her breasts. "Where's yours?" "You are mine." She giggled and he slipped in beside her careful of the hot coffee.

He slid a hand to her pussy,void of hair and gently played with her as she ate. With his other hand he picked up a berry and fed it to her the second he picked was larger and he put it between his lips and brought that to her mouth with his feeding it to her kissing the sweetness of her lips. She took the next berry and fed it to him and he licked the juices off her fingertips. The next she took and fed to him teasingly with her mouth. Soon her coffee was done and only three berries remained big ones that they ate together. Taking the tray away and placing it on the dresser he began to undress for his lady.

He undressed slowly as she watched first his T-shirt came off showing a broad chest with some hair in it not much. Then he slowly undid his jeans and slid them over his hips. His thighs were strong as were his calves, his manhood bulged with desire and it sprang forth as he removed his shorts. 'God,' she thought 'as handsome as the day we had met so few years before.' He walked over to her drew back the sheet and looked at her beauty. He lay beside her again and took a breast into his hand feeling the weight of it and ran a thumb over her nipple then took it into his mouth and sucked at it. His other hand went to her pussy and played,feeling her wetness listening to and feeling her response. Her had slipped to his hardness and stroked the soft skin sown and around to the head. They both knew what would come next.

Kissing him deeply then tenderly sucked at his earlobe and trailed kisses along his neck as he played with her breasts. Her one hand never left his hardness the other caressing along his still hard body. Playing with his nipples,sliding her way along him hot sensual kisses along the way. Soon she was sucking at his nipples and teasing kisses further down. Stopping just above his man hood with her mouth she licked at tender spots. Then placing a hand under his balls sandwiched hid hardness between her breasts and rubbed up and along his shaft. The head of his hardness she kissed tenderly licking around the head. Slowly she wend down more just the first few inches her tongue rotating along and around what she had in her mouth. Gently he places a hand on her head and stroked the hair from her face. Her eyes were hungry for him they had changed from blue to gray. Lusty gray. She wend down more and each time stopped to work at the length she had in her mouth. Four inches now and each inch sensitized more by her skill as her tongue worked along the under-shaft her cheeks pulsed in and out along the sided her mouth a vortex sucking as at a straw in an all too thick shake.

She loved sucking cock the feel of it in her mouth pulsing the softness of skin the salty taste the shape. A mans Penis was a work of art though only a part of a whole as the whole body male or female was nothing short of art. Sculpted,painted,molded for centuries meant to be appreciated with someone or alone. With someone was best of course and all too soon she would hot have him there to enjoy with. Well not fully there would be letters on email,cam perhaps they never knew. One thing was certain it was a gift he had made for her year before. A likeness of his cock as vibrator and dildo a love toy that was all him for her, every inch to his likeness.It was a gift that they both enjoyed a lot.

rm_justin_cis 38M
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6/7/2006 10:09 pm

Wow, well done and got me really sweating. Mhh, where can I get to talk to this lady?

rm_kustysangle 52F
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6/7/2006 10:33 pm

I am glad your enjoying the story, there is going to be more. Have you visited Forest Lake, the story before this one it starts on the third page of my Blog. Read on and enjoy and thank you.

madcowrunning 54M

6/8/2006 1:38 pm

My friend and my lady , my heart sings for you , just wishing that I was with you, in the morning and the night too,my heart is singing to be there with you, to feed you fruit in the morning and much much more,
my cock is hard for you ,and i want to play to dance and sing to the
the night and morning away,
I wish i was there and much more , to make our hearts happy and to watch the dawn for this day is going to be very very long,,,,,,,,,,

I adore your word like a song ,,, I was very blue but it is gone, for the dawn ,the sun is rising what a very pretty day , to have you sleeping with me what a treat.

I must your words have touch me in a very special way,,,,,

so you must email me please ,please, please, to hear words will make my day,,,,

I must see your eyes , the windows of your soul, they must be deep as the ocean is blue , for mine are crying rivers of joy , of the words that you wrote ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
so to next time on this little note ,, my soul is singing on the words that you wrote

so please sweet lady email soon I need to see your eyes, you are killing me ,, so slowly

your friend and more in the deep deep south,,


rm_kustysangle 52F
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6/9/2006 8:30 am

And so it shall be...

The eagle flies

Tail feathers over the mountains

Cries to a lover

madcowrunning 54M

6/9/2006 4:04 pm

my heart is roaring higher and higher to hear yours words come a live in the morning and evening .. The northern lights are not as beautiful as your words to me,,, please lady please, let yours words fly high in the sky ,for the glory of us all,, sweet dreams of
and me are soaring like a eagle each night when i sleep,,,,,

I will not cry , but will sing of joy of the dreams at night , and will be sad as the dawn brakes in the morning for you are not here!!!!

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