Mountain Love  

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7/16/2006 9:08 pm

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Mountain Love

On her knees and side gave her lover a deeper penitration and that to her was important,his pleasure as much as hers,perhaps more at times,like now. Knowing that his pleasure was hers,she wanted nothing more now then to give him what he wanted. He drew out and she turned over and on to her knees.
He took his hard cock and ran it along her ass and along her slit smacking her clit and ass with it. Slowly he pushed his way in all the way then took it out just as slow repeating the action over again several times enjoying the reaction of her sensatised body. As he stroked into her he caressed gently along her back and sides and along her buttocs and legs. He then put a hand around to cup a large breast and gave it a squeeze as he played with her clit. Driving her wild with teasing long slow strokes. Then changing pase he put a gentle pressure on her back and she knew he wanted her low, she went down lower using her arms as a pillow giving him all the deeper penatratiion.

This way he was able to go deep and they both liked that very much. He went deep and quickened his pace, smacking her ass on occasion talking to her dirty. "You like that don't you? Having me deep and fast,smacking your ass." "Yes,Ooh please harder,take me harder,faster." He reached and gave her clit a pinch rollling it between thumb and finger. "Like that,don't you? The way it feels me doing what I am. Tell me how much you like it or I will stop." She knew he would not stop though he would slow down and drive her all the more nuts. "OOooh Yesss I like it Oohhh please don't stop,faster...I want it faster and harder." He did what she wanted and took her faster and harder and she reached around to play with his balls and clit.

The two were feeling very good. Then he knew it was time. He pulled out and turned her to her back, pulled her to him and went deep one leg over his shoulder and her at her side. Fast and deep, being able to see her eyes cover with passion,desire and unbrideled love for her man the man that in less then 24 hours would be leaving for a war torn place far overseas. Her eyed turned gray from the blue and he knew she would cum soon, reaching for her tits he played and enjoyed them as well. She reached and played with her clit and balls, playing with her other breast. Soon he could feel the contractions of her pussy around his cock and the shaking started at this his cock hardened all the more as his load was ready to shoot forth.

"OOoooh yes...Babe...yessss...I am, OOooh God yes...OOooh OOooohhh my GOD..." the orgasim took her over and over again, wave after wave of sweet flowing juices and feeling like heaven. "God,girl, you feel so good...Ooooh yaaa babe...tight and sweet all around my cock..."The two often had cum together and this was all the more intence for having making love all day. Both being at a sensative point all over their bodied and the explosion for both was like that of sweet honey flowing form a hive and hot lava breaking from a lave dome. The two came together over and over again, finally laying in each others arms under the stars,moon and old walnut tree a cool brease caressing their sweat soaked bodied.

The two lay together for some time before getting things together and going home to a quick shower of just washing each other and being together, going to bed and sleeping peacefully in each others arms for what would be a last time for a long time. When the short sleep was over the two made love slow and easy before getting up to shower, a quick cup of coffee and his leaving.She did not go the the yard to tell him 'See you later', it had been done inside from the front door. There would be no tears, not yet at least.
She did not say 'Good-bye' as it was too final and they knew they would see each other again at a later date,much later date. He turned and looked up at the large livingroom window,she was there kissing her palm,blowing it into the wind and holding up her right hand. Her pinky was up, next two were down ring and thumb were up...sigh language for "I love you." He returned the sign, kissed two fingers and turned them to her. His answer of " I love you too." He got into the jeep that had come to pick him up and he was off down the road not looking back. It would hurt too much.
A single tear rolled down her cheek,followed by an other then a next she let them come and looked on as an eagle flew and cried over head and a dove cood in the rafters. Both birds almost in the know that lovers would meet again.

No this is not the end...
There is more...
I hate the fact that spell check seems to be down. Oh well...

MarcoPolo197676 39M
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7/16/2006 9:48 pm

Smokin, I stil am amazed at your ability to portray the graphic detail, Im not so sure about the ass smacking(never done it), but the dirty talk, hellya.

rm_kustysangle 52F
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7/17/2006 4:14 pm

NASA agent...
Too funny, after a hard day at work I needed a good laugh.
Aliens... nope...Though I wonder what alien love would be like.
I did enjoy Alien Nation a TV series of the late 1980's.

No, none of the above. I just enjoy kicking back after a hard days work and writing. With all the worlds tensions what better thing to write about then a lover going off to war. I could have chosen any time period I chose a day and age I know best. As long as people are enjoying and reading that is all that matters. A get away form the stresses life holds. We all de-stress one way or an other and writing is my de-stresser for now. Kick back and enjoy.

madcowrunning 54M

7/19/2006 7:17 pm

my sweet dove ,,how are you,,today
mmm your sweet words spark my heart like the other night, and the memory of that long night in my dreams again.
you make me fly higher than the eagle, over the snowy mountain perks, of my dreams, wishing to be laying there with you again, to be in the depth of you and your soul to spark that fire to burn like a bright star in the sky,,,
I have miss you ,, but we both know somethings are just a pain in the ass,,,wink wink, some good and bad,,,but the flesh is a need that we both need ,,,,,time and space always against us,, ,,,
I will dream and dream again tonight,,mmmmmm,,,wink wink,,,

your soaring eagle,,,

rm_kustysangle 52F
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7/20/2006 4:01 pm

You have to try it sometime ...
You could be surprised...
at the reaction you could get.

rm_kustysangle 52F
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7/20/2006 4:41 pm

Seeing you here again brings me great joy.
Joy and a desire to sing on.

The eagle on who's wings I ride higher and
higher each time I sing. Though one would
take the other in talon and easily crush it
stranger animals have become friends. If I shine
like a star in the night sky and am a spark that
lifts your soul over the highest mountain peeks white
with snow like an eagle on wing then I shall continue
to sing.

To lay with you and feel you next to me if only for a
night, I know would turn into more because it would be
so very sweet. Distance and time may keep us apart though
I will sing and we both will dream and it is within our dreams
for now that we will meet.

Your Dove

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