Mountain Love  

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Mountain Love

Taking his hungry mouth from her nipple he went to her sweet lips and kissed her deep then broke away. "Yes, I know you will and I will see across the miles upon the moon." It was she that scilenced him by taking him mouth once again with hers taking him deep.His fingers worked on her pussy and clit, her hand undid his fly to let loose his hard cock.
He took her hand from his hardness and looked into her eyes, blue. They would change though he knew as soon as they became glazed with passion turning a gray in colour. He took her and lay her down on the blanket under the tree then stretched out along side her looking apon a beauty that was not superfishal rather deep all the way through. She, he knew never though herself as beautiful to him she was that and more. Her inner beauty was like none he had seen before and was sure never to see again. This was her turn to be loved to be made to feel special and she was that and more.

He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her cheeks, forhead, down along one side and sucked on an earlobe, kissing his way along her neck. His hands were busy caressing her as though it could be the last and it very well could be as tomorrow he was off to fight overseas in a land harsh and unwelcome. No tonight was hers and hers alone as was the morning. He took off his shirt and continued to kiss her gently in places that he knew drove her wild. He slid a hand to her stomic and along her sides to the love spot,slipping in two fingers, feeling the wetness. He bent and sucked on a nipple, caressing her breasts,this moment would be etched on his mind for as long as he was away.

Her reaction to his touch was that of one that was touching for the first time, wanting to know more of her as though it was their first time together,gentle and slow. He kissed his way sown and along her body the night air kissing it dry. Once between her legs he kissed slowly at her pussy around between her legs taking in her taste and smell. He spread her pussy lips and licked deep inside as far as he could,fingers busy with her clit.

He backed off licking at her pussy and gave her clit a pinch between finger and thumb, that painfull pleasure that drove her wild. As he had been playing with her he had taken off his pants ready to place his manhood into her at his leasure. Going back to lick and suck at her pussy he fingering and getting juices flowing. When he knew she was all primed he slowly slid his way up her body and slid his rock hard cock into her hot waiting honey hole, sucking at her nipples and playing with her breasts as he did so. Hard cock sliding in and out of her slowly taking her deep all the way to cervex and and back to clit. A slow pace to get her going,in time he would increase his speed and how hard he pumped into her and he would pump her hard and fast. Yes he would take her over and over again till he could no more.

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