Mountain Love  

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7/11/2006 5:14 pm
Mountain Love

She took him by the hand and sat him on the cushions under the tree. Went to the truck and brought out a cd which one he did not know. The lady had an ace up her sleeve what he was not sure. She put the cd into the player and hit the play button.
The first song that started was Duran Duran, 'Hungry Like a Wolf' and she was hungry. A female wolf in heat and she wanted her mate. As the music played she danced in the moon light high above her casting her shadow about. The next was by Jonny Cash 'Ring of Fire' and she was on fire wanting to be cooled by him and his touch. Nothing more would do. More and more of the teal buttons came undone and soon she was dancing with it spinning around her. The effect in the moonlight and torches was like magic. She danced around him the old tree like a wood nymph.Then the pan flute started and she started into a very suductive sway and shrugged the sundress off her shoulders.

Slowly she came to him and just out of his reach undoing her bra and stepping out of her undrepants. Naked now in the moon light full breasts,pussy void of hair, her white skin cast in moonglow and beautiful. In a slow seductive walk she went to her man and danced all the more seductivly,spreading her legs and fingering her pussy with one hand, playing with her breasts with the other just two feet from him. He was hot from watching her and reached for her hand and she gave it willingly,being brought gently to his lap and he sucked gently at her breast slipping his own fingers into her hot box of love.

"I shall dance for you each night,while you are away. Here at this tree,by fire or candle light, each night I shall dance and should it be in the light of the moon." He knew it would be so as at the house the moon light shone into there livingroom and the fireplace there in. Taking his hungry mouth from her nipple he went to her sweet lips and kissed her deep then broke away. "Yes, I know you will and I will see across the miles upon the moon." It was she that scilenced him by taking him mouth once again with hers taking him deep.His fingers worked on her pussy and clit, her hand undid his fly to let loose his hard cock.
I stop here for now and will write more later. Do you wonder where it ends of if it ends? Yes there is an end to this story, just not for a while yet... Enjoy

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