Mountain Love  

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7/7/2006 1:20 pm

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Mountain Love

There were the times that she did not want to be overly wild, just wanting them both to take their time in a slow leisurely fashion. This timid nature was her way of slowing things down for them both the slow and easy into making love the foreplay of foreplay and he loved it all.
"Your beautiful,always have been." She blushed and the red spread not only her face it went down her chest as well. "You know I have never thought myself as such. Far from it." He ran fingers through her hair and kissed her brow,"Your inner beauty shines through always that is a beauty no one can touch." She looked up at him eyes that said it all there would not be a need for words, a love deep one that even the distance he was to travel soon could not break. Both older,both wanting the same,both knowing what had brought them together,knowing each was free to leave if wanting, neither did. She drew him to her again and kissed him lightly then more passionately deep. As much as he wanted her, he would wait until she made the first move to want him more.

The two had a light snack, music and each other. Talking and dancing slow into the night,slow dances,close. This was an area where they came to be at peace together of separate, a place that held for them much. It was the first place they had been together fully. Love making or just really wild sex both as the first time being together and that had been years before. They had not always been together, each were older and each had had other lovers though not like this. The first time here he had wanted to show her the old tree and view the sunset and not much else, he wanted things to flow the way they would naturally. He was a little shocked when it was she that made the first move. The two had been sitting on the blanket from his truck under the tree beside each other when her hand tentatively slid to his crotch. The fire in her hand was like none he had felt before and hoped never to leave.Her hands were magic as were her eyes. These hands could cool and sooth any ache be it that if animal or man,human. Nurturing and full of care yet they could bring him alive even when cold out their touch made him warm.

She had his cock hard inside his pants just from that touch one that would stoke a flame that would not go out. From that touch he had kissed her deep and the response of fencing tongue had been the set off to his wanting to be a gentleman to what he had become a lust thirsty man wanting to stick his cock in her ever which way. She had not been just a tease, she wanted it too and their hunger grew to a frenzy that only subsided when each had had enough.

The full moon was now out in full glory now and the two had walked the area around,talked and eaten their snack. He knew that she had something on the go just what he did not know though what was he was sure he would not be disappointed. The hour was growing late stars were our the moon now at it's height. She took him by the hand and sat him on the cushions under the tree. Went to the truck and brought out a cd which one he did not know. The lady had an ace up her sleeve what he was not sure. She put the cd into the player and hit the play button.

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7/7/2006 9:26 pm

Mmmm. Hot, I find standing face to face nude, the moment of anticipation is so hot, one girl I was with knew it drove me, so she used to torture me all the time. She was nuts she used to grab me anywhere, she didnt even care if we were in public, I will never forget her for that. Thought about Ronin?

madcowrunning 54M

7/8/2006 6:53 am

my dove , i just wish that space and time was not all ways against us,
and that you know that i miss each time we can not be there together
my soul burns with the last time we talk and play so slow together,I Miss the time we share, and wish for more,,but that is life,and we must, deal with it,,
you make me hornier and hornier each time we talk, i need to be deep in you all night again to sleep up in you to wake to you sucking my cock, so sweetly and to have you slide up on me ride me like a wild bull, to soar to the heavens and the stars,, to just have you ride me so sweet and hard that i shoot my cum hard and deep in to your sweet hot glory honey hole and feel it suck the life out of me,, and start all over again,,,,,
i will call you later,,, i miss our times of sweet joy and bliss
i need you and want more and more,,, and not just the hard core pleasure but the sweet sounds of your words and song that lift my soul to the new heights,,

i am aching to hear from you soon,,,,,,


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