Mountain Love  

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Mountain Love

They then dressed and together packed a picnic lunch and a few extras. They would stay at their acreage as there were places to go to enjoy and have fun. Coming home to shower again perhaps and ready to go out again under the night stars.
The two walked outside into the still cool morning air the sun not yet that high in the sky. He placed the basket into the back of the pickup along with all the other things they may need. His lady was not allowed to lift a finger this day it was hers to have as leisure. Their last full day together for a long time to come the only fingers she would lift were to caress and pleasure them both all other work would be his. Any dishes,cooking lifting all his as he would not see his flower wilt before nights end and into the early morning when he had to leave. They would love and love again taking time to enjoy every inch of the other. Like new lovers for the first time enjoying and knowing there was more.

She sat next to him during the short drive her hand on his leg resting the ban wa balls in her pussy and anal beads up her ass were doing what they were meant to do driving crazy. He hit every bump in the new road he was making ones they both knew he could have misses. "Your nasty.Hitting all those bumps and holes the way you are." As she said it she caressed over to his cock giving it a rub. After all fair play was in order she fealty his cock grow a little under his jeans. "Girl you keep that up and I will have you over the tailgate before we get to the meadow." Raising an eye brow and giving a mischievous grin he saw her defiance. The same that he had seen the first time he had laid eyes on her and knew that this was a vixen un-tamable, though the trying had been and still was a pleasure all his. This lady was wild and free and such a free spirit he had not seen ever.

Soon they were at the meadow a place that had birch,oak all around it was a spot he had groomed just for them. He had come out here when he first bought the place before their meeting and seeing the beauty of the meadow had to make it a sanctuary, of he did not know at that time a place of love. He had cut back the brush what have you,cut the wild grasses short and nursed the trees to what they were today. Just two days before he had come out here and cut the grasses low in just one spot the spot they would share this day. Playing and loving and she loved to play. God how she loved to play. A vixen,hell cat,what ever it was a lady was called she was a ball of fire at times pure and simple she was always a lady and all his. As free as she was.

First he took the picnic basket from the truck and set it down. The easy up came next and in moments though he had told her no help was needed she had insisted on helping. No was not always in her vocabulary,unless it was her using it. She was like the song,"Always a Lady to Me." Yes...
"She never gave out and she never gave in ..." An other that he was reminded of was Billy Joel's "An innocent Man." He was her "Innocent Man." Songs they meant so much and these two were the two she had played on the juke box during their first date. That first date has seen them in his bed with no regrets and the bed had not stayed empty long. Next came the small ground tarp that he covered with a large blanket. The cooler was taken out and a few large pillows to sit on for comfort.

She had taken off her shoes and socks and was walking in the grass feeling it beneath her feet. It fealty good and the air was so clean up here in the mountains. She danced under the sun turning around and around and as she did the ball in her pussy and beads in her ass worked with her body. Teasing. He watched her dance in the sun and soon would take her high again though not before she was ready to end her childish romp. "Catch me!" "And when I catch you?" "If you catch me I will be yours." He was up to the challenge and the game of hunt she had a head start and was teasing him by undoing her top button by button swaying from side ot side. God she was a seductive wench. His cock was hard and soon he would have it out for hr to suck, to catch his prize. Getting up he started after her and each time he came close she dodged away sleek and fast like a big cat. There was one point where she had undone her jeans and stuck fingers inside teasing him all the more her blouse she had shed during one of his grabs. She laughed and it was like music in the air. her mistake was sitting too long on the tail-gate and misjudging how close he was, before she could move off and pick up speed he was there. Taking her to him and kissing her deep caressing a breast beneath her bra and sliding a hand to her pussy,he had his prize or part of it.

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6/17/2006 6:54 am

hi there my sweet song bird,, I am sorry about last nite,,
after all that hot sex,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sitting on my lap,,going
so deep into you,,,, and rubbing all that cum on me and you, on your stomachs, and chests,,,,,, that i fall a sleep in the couch,,,
I am so sorry , you should have wake me to play so more ,,,,
i can still taste and smell you, that sweet taste,, on my lips, on my nose,,, my god I am so hot and horny for you this morning,wishing you were here with me now, i am dripping with joy of you,,,
ho god cum to me please , please cum to me again

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Then I shall sing for you and all to hear...
Though it is your ear that really seems to hear...
The song bird that sings.

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