Hidden Desires...  

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Hidden Desires...

His lover was hot and wanted him so it shall be, he never or almost never turned her away. This was a good indication that the talk of a manage a troas was making her hot,very it always had. They just had not acted on it or really brought it up in this way.
His Thoughts on THINGS...

We will go to a classy night club we both like and I will flirt with a good looking chick our age or younger, see if she is into manage a troas of not. Should she be game than I will signal my lover over and they can chat have a drink, we can all go home to our place and get it on...

GOD this is going to be so hot watching the two suck each others tits,shoving my hard cock into one as the other licks pussy.OOoohhh yaaa But what about the guy thing? Hhmmm I wonder?? Ooohhh yaa... GOD that will be good too I am sure... watching some guy stick it in her mouth as I fuck her...then trade places... Watch as she rides his cock and he plays with her tits ... them I can take her up the ass and feel her hole filled tight next to my cock....

The thoughts went on though more of him and his partner with an other girl...
HER Thoughts....

We will put an add in the local paper and be discreet and selective. Meeting the other at a restaurant like Denny's or IHOP for coffee and I/we can interview her. Age,likes and dislikes, how often she has done this kind of thing. I am sure it will be exciting to taste an other woman's pussy, I know I like my juices and the way I taste. Watching my lover stick his hard cock in her as I sit on his face having him eat me out and the two of us kiss and suck each others tits...I know I love to play with mine. Too I wonder what it would feel like to have some chick rub her pussy next to mine? Smooth, yes smooth and soft, as we sucked each others tits and kissed... no real difference then kissing a guy I guess... softer perhaps. Wonder if we should buy a strap-on or double dildo? ... Yes ... this could be fum.

Though an other guy... YUMMMie....I think we should do the guy first that way if I change my mind about the chick I still have experienced two guys. No... both...GOD.. I am so hot...sucking my lovers cock and thinking of all this...Yes two guys... sucking one then the other as they stand in front of me. Slowly riding down on one cock on my ass my back to who ever... and having an other in my pussy ... I bet that would be nice and tight...having my tits played with...Oohhh yes...On my knees taking one in my mouth as one fucks my pussy hard... Yes... it could be great fun.

We will interview a guy too younger... yes I want a real stud muffin... boy toy ... eemmmm yes...

As each thought of the way things would go each was getting hotter and hotter. His cock was so rock hard and his lover was working it so well as always though tonight it seemed more so and he knew why. Yes, she would want to do this he was sure and by the way she was sucking his cock, like sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch he knew she was hot as hell and would take care of things really well when they got home.

Her pussy was so wet that she could not stand it, her tits ached to be touched and played with the thought of the two of them making it with an other had always turned her on it was just the getting started. Perhaps tonight was that start. Too she knew that when they got home it would be all he and she could take to get in the door and fuck each other silly. She could have him do it to her here though wanted her dildo in her too and knew he would be more then happy to do her with it as he fucked her as well.

She could feel his orgasm building and her pussy started to juice up really good all wet and ready. He would make her cum really fast when they got home them build her up slow and easy teasing till he was ready to make her cum again... it was going to be a good night a very good night.

Gee I wonder... what would it be like

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Me too

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