Hidden Desires  

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9/7/2006 11:33 pm

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Hidden Desires

Eyes smiling at him he knew she was having fun. Taking herself up to his cock with her wet honey hole she lowered herself down onto him and leaned forward sucking his nipples teasing them.
His moan of pleasure at her going down on his rod and the teasing of his nipples made her smile. Having learned long ago that there was a difference between sex and making love she Loved both with her partner and knew he did too. The little sound of pleasure from her did not go unnoticed. "I love the fact that you enjoy so much, it is such a turn on for me." Letting go of his nipple she kissed her way up his chest to his neck,pressing her breasts into him as she did so.

"And I Love the fact that you enjoy that I enjoy,that you enjoy." That all said she kissed his adams apple and licked lightly up his neck to an earlobe taking it into her teeth and teasing it. Placing gentle kisses along his brow all along riding his hard member slowly back and forth up and down, pressing her clit to him. Having him spread his legs she could get in all the closer, just as having his legs together each was the same if she was laying full out on him. Though sitting upright for him to play with her breasts taking herself almost to the top of his shaft and back down again at her pace gave her great pleasure. She enjoyed all positions of making Love each different in their own way. The being on top was almost at times a feeling of complete control doing what she wanted and how. Though here too she had learned making Love was an equality between two.

Closing her eyes she road her lover enjoying the full sensation. His hands caressing her breasts as she caresses him, reaching back to fondle his balls,feeling her wetness over them, bending forward on occasion to have her nipples sucked and teased. She could ride him like this for a long time if he wanted if she wanted there was no limit of time tonight for anything aside from pleasure. He took his hands and ran them over her breasts,up her shoulders and along her back to her buttocks, giving them a gentle squeeze. "God that feels good, your hands on my body like that,please don't stop." His gentle caressing was working and he would not stop now, he had her building up as she had him building up and time together along with knowledge of her body as she had of his he knew she was about to have an orgasm. Too he knew that she knew he too was ready to explode into her.

The rhythm started faster and she leaned into him all the more wanting her breasts played with harder and her clit all the more to him. Opening her eyes and looking down into his, she smiled,licked her lips and went all the lower to kiss him deeply, tongues fencing him caressing her as she did him. The he could feel the contractions of her hot wet pussy as he knew she could feel the swelling of his cock all the more inside her. Sitting up once again she reached behind for his balls and stroked at them as the other hand alternated between clit and his body caressing it, both of his hands working hers to a frenzy. Then almost in unison..."OH Yesss Baabee" the two let loose their vocal orgasmic release as their bodies in unison let loose simultaneous orgasms. Juices flowing up and out hot and wet feeling ever so good.

Collapsing into her lovers arms the two kissed deep and passionately first before rolling into their sides still joined. Caressing one an other and giving gentle kisses the loving did not stop it never did. Loving of the other was an on going thing for them both not just a thing that happened with intercourse. Tired now form a days travel and enjoying each other the two fell asleep her still in him resting her head on his arm. In their sleep at some point they would come away from each other as was natural only to awaken wanting more, or at least one would want more and it was not always him.

Again I finish for the day... or night...it all depends on how you look at it. Remember now this is going to be a long story... there are an other two people that have to come into play.


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Great... makes me shiver all over,warm,cuddly.

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