Hidden Desires  

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9/5/2006 8:26 pm
Hidden Desires


Why are men such good drivers??

Because they have two ball barrings and a stick-shift!

All right onto more of the story...well I have to have other fun too you know.
"Your enjoying this aren't you." "Yes,oohh yes I am." As he looked up at her he saw that she was playing with her tits with one hand the other had gone to his shoulders and was caressing him.
A hand going to his head resting on top she encouraged him on. "That's it toy suck me suck me good,make my juices flow. I want to cum all over your mouth and down your chin." He knew it was all in fun there was no encouragement needed though it did turn him all the hotter hearing her talk like this at times. "OOooohhh faster,OOoohhh yesssss OOoohhhh God yessssss deeeperrr, lick me deeperrr,harder,OOOoooohhhhaaa yeesssssss that oohh yaaa myyyy Gooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeessssssss."

Her hips coming up to meet his mouth,tongue and fingers he used one hand to gently keep her from thrusting too hard. It was a gentle caress over her body,breasts,sides,lower belly. It still aroused him at the way her cumin so hard and fast at his giving her oral and the way his caressing brought her to a peek that sent her legs to shaking and tiny orgasms over and over again. Taking his fingers and licking them then putting them in again drew them out and rubbed her cum over her nipples, going back for more. Licking her out the same way she had sucked him clean. Taking his fingers a last time into her wet hole he brought himself up beside her and sucked on cum covered nipples feeding her hungry mouth his cum covered fingers.

"Eemm thank you that felt sooo goood. Tasty too." "Your a vixen and then some,so naughty and so nice." She had caressed along his body as he caressed down along hers the caressing was natural something they enjoyed and could and had done many times. The two had lay together talking and naked caressing for hours nothing more then enjoying one an other. Some would think it odd that two could caress for such a long time and not have intercourse they did not it was all part of a real relationship one that went deeper then most could comprehend. Though tonight they would not lay together for hours tonight just caressing,no tonight when both were ready they would have a session of hot,passionate love making the foreplay was mostly over and the main course was about to start.

Sliding her hand down to his manhood stroking the soft skin of his penis,she loved the way it felt in her hand no-matter the state of hardness. The skin of a mans shaft was soft and smooth and each stage of hardness different it was the same as taking it into her mouth soft and feeling it grow.

He in turn slid his hand to her pussy and the other to her breast. Her nipples getting hard to his touch once again her pussy soft and moist it seemed always ready. He had and could finger her for a long time and not tire of just playing with her pussy slow and gentle till they were both ready to really start into heavy action.

Centering her onto the bed and going up on one elbow he looked down into her blue eyes and smiled. "Your so sexy and beautiful." With those words said he went down and kissed her deeply taking her hand that held his cock and together both slid it into her hot pussy,a gentle moan of pleasure came from her and she kissed him deeply caressing along his neck,down his shoulders and along his back and sides. Her tough was light and feathery though not quite a tickle. Caressing all the way down to his buttocks pulling him in close and deeper into her.

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