Hidden Desires  

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8/31/2006 9:33 pm

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Hidden Desires

Starting at his earlobes and along his neck hot sensual kisses and tongue flicks in the right areas working down his chest and sucking at each of his nipples playing with them. God she was a tease and damn good at it too. His cock was all the harder at what she was doing.
His cock was dripping by the time she got to taking it in her mouth though it would still take a good sucking to make him cum or so he hoped. Thing was she was good at sucking and some times some of the things she did blew his mind away yet. She took his cock into her hand and held it gently stroking around the head with her thumb lightly brushing her lips over the head as she did so,looking up at him with her blue eyes. He pushed it to her mouth,"Suck it." Taking the head of his cock into her mouth she teased the head ever so gently with her teeth. "Come on slut suck my cock nice and hard, be the good little cock sucker I know you can be."


The mood? Mischievous ... because I am going to leave you hanging...AAahhhh I am being a tease yes...sorry not...Girl has to have some fun.

It has been a hard week at work and I am off to bed... doing what? Well sleep of course, alone again...

I will write much more tomorrow as it is a day off. Really I will I promise.

2424k 59M

9/2/2006 2:24 pm

I like your story, as it continues to unfold, one thinks about what you will express next and what direction it will take. Good for the imagination. Keep up the good work, I am sure that you will find that special friend to share your thoughts with.

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