Hiddden Desires  

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8/29/2006 10:49 pm
Hiddden Desires

."Your a devil woman,talking all hot that way,teasing." "Not teasing I really want to get it on with this young lady we have coming up here.I see or rather feel where you like my thoughts."
Reaching around and playing with her tits feeling the smoothness under his hand under the water. He rubber her shoulders,down along her arms sensual and relaxing. "That feels good,don't stop." A simple request that he had no trouble carrying through. Tipping her head back she brought a hand out of the water to bring his mouth closer to hers and kissed him deeply, he never stopped his caressing of her body. She could feel his cock hardening all the more against her back and pulsing."Fuck me." He loved it when at time she talked dirty.

She was all woman, all lady,all bedroom slut and knew just how and what to do and when. She could make love slow and sensually for hours on end both getting their pleasure. Then there were the times when she road him hard and fast getting her pleasure and leaving him wanting for more,he always got it just not before her. The tease she could be, bringing him to just the right point and stopping. Leaving for a glass of something to drink only to come back 10 minutes later teasing her nipples with an ice cube that somehow always landed on him.

She had met him at the door with a hunger, going down on him even before he was two steps in sucking him dry right in the front hall. Had shown up at the work site at winter with a long coat on, nothing but bra and panties, given him a lap dance in the mobile office and left, no one on site any wiser. He knew he was a lucky man to have a partner that enjoyed her sexuality as much as she did. Unafraid to try new things and this was to be the newest and by far one of the best. He had seen her turn men into puddles at night clubs flirting with them just to have him come in and 'catch her attention,' just to leave the poor guy all hard and horny. Yes she could be many things and he had them all wrapped up in one lovely package.

"Then get your ass out of the tub and someplace where I can 'fuck',you." He gave her breast a squeeze and pinched a nipple. Pulling herself up out of the tub and stepping carefully she went to the vanity and put her hands on the counter-top,wiggling her ass at him. He got up and went up behind her,running a hand up a thigh,over her ass giving it a squeeze then smacking it. Taking his hard cock he ran it along her ass then up along her pussy. Sticking first his fingers into her wetness,out up her ass playing with it. "You want this don't you?" He ran his hard cock along her ass again, then put it to her pussy and pushed it in slowly, very,very slow. Holding her hips he quickened his pace. "You like that don't you." He smacked her ass again.

She did not mind having her ass spanked, it was she that introduced him to the act. How hard she liked it and how. He was not sure at first as he was not a violent man and any kind of hitting to a lady was not his way it was purely unacceptable to hit a woman of any kind for any reason. It had taken her a long time to convince him she liked it and that it was alright because she consented. She had explained that if both enjoyed then it was alright, though if he really found it distasteful they would not do it. To her pleasure he had grown to enjoy all that it brought to the relationship in the bedroom and at times out.

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