Forest Lake...the Man...  

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5/29/2006 11:39 pm
Forest Lake...the Man...

"Horse." Jack looked back then ran to be where he was needed most, for now. No worries how many could possible know of the lake, her lake.

(Here ends Forest Lake... PT one... Enjoy Forest Lake ... The man. )
He had flown over the tiny mountain lake often in his twin-otter. The first time he noted the lake was years ago and he had flown over it a second time on the way back just to note the location. It took a one more trip and a fly back to place it on his chart properly to find an in by land. In time he thought I will visit that lake. There were many more passes over the lake and once he thought he saw a large wolf in the area and thought how nice that they were making a comeback to the area. It was jack.

Having the time now to explore and enjoy himself away from the hustle and bustle of the office and a life of a CEO he drove up as far as he could pulling a horse trailer with him. He had a tent and some gear too if he decided to stay the night. He had parked and saddled up saddle bags set for the night. Small two man tent,sleeping bag,some food and six beer a good book and fishing rod. If he could he would catch a fish to enjoy that night. Riding along the game trail he became aware that this place was not easy to get to if you did not know where you were going.

It surprised him to come across an other horse tethered in the tiny meadow. The animal was in good shape and the main road was not far off perhaps ten miles of riding. The animals owner must be near looking for something perhaps enjoying the lake he was heading to.
Jack never moved from his spot under the large tree, horse was not in danger and his mistress had not called all was well. He went back to sleep.

Coming to the end of the game trail and seeing the lake the rider believed he was all alone. Thinking out to himself"God Snip, if only to enjoy with an other. Sam would love this spot."
He walked a little into the openness and saw the waterfall, letting the reigns loose he slid from th saddle and walked into the small clearing just before the lake not noticing the blanket and basket. Then it happened or he thought it did.

He saw a vision or something behind the falls and before he could take a real look a beautiful woman dove from the cascading water into the lake. Her form was beautiful and he watched her in the water till she shot up and out into the sun. His loins started to tingle and he could feel himself getting hard. Lovers he wondered? Though where was the other or was there one? He had walked closer to the lake as all unfolded before him. God had created a beauty and he was here to see her in all the splendor of pure form.

She had not seen him yet rather was on her back floating breasts pert and perfect islands on her chest wall going up and down to her breathing. Harder yet he grew wondering if this auburn hair bronzed beauty was real or not. It was then that his horse whinnied and she turned over and stood.

The lady did not attempt to cover her breasts nor did she seemed alarmed. Confident and beautiful or at least confident with her body comfortable too it seemed. Stepping to almost the shore line he saw her eyes were blue and her lips were red and full like her breasts. Though her nipples were inverted and flat they were a rosy pink and they looked very appetizing.

She had heard the horse Winnie and turned over to see just what was up and there standing in the small clearing was a rather attractive and handsome man. Not too sure of his age that did not matter, he was there nonetheless looking at her and she noted the bulge in his pants though not at first. She had first noticed his smile and hazel eyes, nice eyes ones that took everything in. His height was about 5'11 perhaps shorter 6', shoulders were the kind that many woman liked strong yet not over muscled, no thick neck. She was getting hot looking at him and knew that the two could very well end up on her blanket together. That thought did not last long he was after all a stranger but for how long?

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