Forest Lake...foreplay...  

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Forest Lake...foreplay...

Just a few feet behind and gaining. He wondered if she would play fair or kick away try to get away. With his next stroke he had his answer as skin touched skin and the next stroke had him grasping a slender ankle.
There was a small gasp of surprise at having been caught or just surprise he was not sure. The beauty before him stopped and treaded water as he allowed her to turn to her back. Now eyes met for the first time, first real time, his hazel and hers a blue like no other he had seen."My kiss?" "My ankle." "What and let you go, after all my hard work?" "Yes, let me go so you can kiss me or do you want to just kiss the toes?"
"No I want more then the toes,though..." and with that he bent his head and ran a hot tongue across each,she giggled. Releasing her foot sure she would not swim away but she did.'Vixen' he thought then saw she was doing a back-float now to the shore a slow deliberately slow float. He took a few strong strokes and was beside her.

Almost unmoving she slowly propelled her way to more shallow waters, breasts high and he then noticed her pussy was void of hair. He wanted to reach our and touch that void the spot of his growing wants and desires. Smooth and looking like it wanted to be give attention a lot of attention. "You can stand now. The bottom is not far." Reaching with his foot he found indeed he could stand and the water came to just below his pits. Coming up beside her still not touching he looked upon her just floating there like a vision. He brushed her stomach ever so lightly with his hand and up to ripe large rounded breasts. His other hand went to her neck under the mane of auburn hair and a smile played across her face. She was letting him enjoy for now though for how long?

The water was noticeably less deep and slowly the ladies legs went down and she too stood. "Kiss me." Dam, she had just in the voice so sweet asked for his kiss and he did. Pulling her to him her breasts against his chest he kissed her gently on the lips then probed with his tongue to see if she would take more of him and she did. With one hand sliding around to the small of her back and the other to the nape of her neck he could feel her responding to his touch. Yes the two would enjoy each other he was sure. Then to his surprise he felt a hand gently cradling his cock and the other running up his thigh to his shoulders and around his neck. Now he was the one surprised. He bent and lifted her easily into his arms and started to walk out the water running his tongue over her hard flat nipple then drawing it into his mouth and sucking at it gently. It was almost as though she was expecting this to happen, perhaps it was not chance after all rather fate. He had been alone a long time.

Caring her to the blanket under the tree he stood her before him and

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