Forest Lake...caught a fish...  

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5/30/2006 12:39 pm
Forest Lake...caught a fish...

She was getting hot looking at him and knew that the two could very well end up on her blanket together. That thought did not last long he was after all a stranger but for how long?
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"You seem to have no fear of a stranger standing before you?" "Should I?" Looking into her blue eyes and taking note of how the sun shimmered off her hair,lips ready and waiting though waiting for what? Who? Was there an other here man,woman? Both? Off somewhere enjoying each other. "Your all alone?" As he spoke he walked closer to the waters edge horses reigns in hand ready to take him in to catch his fish, have some fun, harmless fun. Just deep enough to get close to have a better view of the lovely lady. "I am not alone," she spoke steady and without fear."I have Jack."

"Jack is your lover then.?" "No only a friend." She was taking note of his hair black and thick yet a touch or gray at the temple, not uncommon in young men and it looked good. Besides her brother had started to gray at 25 and she if not out of a box would be showing gray too. Looking around the stranger saw no sighs of a man close by and if 'Jack' was only a friend perhaps he souled not mind taking a hike for the night.

"I do not believe you have a friend here at all. I believe your here alone and know that in time you have to come out of there." He was right in time she would have to come out though knew some how that this man was a gentleman and would not touch her unless she wanted him to. Though did she want him to? His legs were long he seemed to be in great shape and she was getting wet. Musing at the thought of getting wet when already in water, how much wetter could she get? " I could call Jack, he would be here before you could take off your shirt, boots and socks to start in here joining me." Was he hearing right? Had she just invited him in to the lake with her? "Well little lady call your Jack and I will start getting my things off. Lets just see how far I do get before he gets here." A smile spreads over her face the man liked to gamble and gamble he would.

In a loud yet not stressed voice she called,"Hi Jack." There was a crashing through the trees and before the handsome stranger could fully pull his shirt from his pants buttons already mostly undone his horse reared away and pranced unsteadily several feet away. A well trained animal that would not run rather stay and stand ground. Jack was now in the lake between his mistress and the stranger, who from being caught off balance was now sitting on the ground face to chest the dogs chest. This was the wolf he had seen not a wolf at all rather a very large Wolfhound and a beautiful animal at that. The stranger sid not move.

There was a ring of laughter in the air and it was a happy sound one he had not heard in years. The dog,Jack did not bare teeth nor were heckles raised. Rather he was standing there looking into eyes as hazel as his all be human eyes. "Jack horse reigns,shake." The massive beast now wet from head to toe left the lake and shook off water soaking the stranger. Trotting over to the horse he gingerly picked the dropped reigns in his mouth and lead the horse back to the stranger dropping them into a hand. The horse somehow just knew as animals do that this was not a dog to fear and had readily followed.

"Jack?" "Yes." "No wonder you had,have no fears of a strange he would snap me in half if you asked him to wouldn't he?" "Yes though I think most would just leave at his being here." "Is that what you want me to do? Leave?" Did she? No there was something about this man that intrigued her and he was handsome, perhaps...God what was she thinking sex with a stranger? Well why not she was not taken and he...well she hoped not. "Well? Are you coming in for a swim or not?"
How could he not? Not after a second invite. He started to pull off his boots and remove his socks. Standing he undid his belt and fly slipping his jeans off and getting ready to remove his shorts.

He realized he was being appraised, studied why not he had been doing the same to her. Besides a body was make to be admired in any package a creation each different and each beautiful. "How did you know Jack would come that he was so close?" With out words she touched the whistle around her neck. "I see. Do I get a reward for not taking off, or for not crapping my pants at the sight of Jack crashing out of the bush.?" "Catch me and you can have a kiss." A mischievous smile played over her lips and it was then that she knew that she would make love to this handsome gentleman and perhaps more then once if he could handle it. She was hungry very hungry and he looked like a man that could satisfy her wants and desires.

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