Forest Lake...Sweet Cum  

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6/2/2006 2:50 pm
Forest Lake...Sweet Cum

Slowly her tongue had worked the underside of his shaft swaying from side to side in a rhythmic dance. Her thumb of the hand holding his balls had started to play with spots he had not been touched before or at least not like this...
Slowly she worked her way back up his shaft to about half way eyes looking up to him on the occasion. Her eyes gazed with a lust and heat that he has never seen before. She was not just sucking his cock she was making love to his cock,she was sucking it and loving every minute of it. The only thing he had done was constantly stroke her long hair from her face a gentle hand on her head not wanting to aid her along she had her own dance to preform and she needed no encouragement. Though he had been speaking to her as she sucked at him. Real words not just those empty.Her responses had come in her eyes.

Finally all the way back at the first inches of his cock she then grasp his shaft with her other hand the one that had been caressing his body slid to his shaft down by the core of it and wrapped around gentle yet firm,stroking,pulsing working more magic. Then she took his very hard pulsing cock from her mouth and flattened it against his stomach she licked then at his balls drawing them into her mouth fingers caressing sensitive spots between ass and balls. With a tongue that had a life of it's own it swayed from side to side along his shaft as soft lips kissed where it had been all the way up to the head where precum was starting to drip.

Once again flicking at his cock-head taking it into her lips and slowly going down the hand and mouth working as one. Sucking and jacking at the same time. Harder and faster long fast taking all of him all the way to the root and back to the head. He wanted it to last forever it was feeling so fucking good, though he knew he was going to blow his load and did not know if she would take it or not.

She could feel his excitement building the throb of his cock had quickened and his precum was just what she was looking for. Working hand and mouth faster and harder she knew that he would cum soon not for the lack of holding off she was sure he had been trying all guys did and why not unless you wanted to stick it into a hot dripping pussy. He would she knew though sucking him off was exciting her making her very wet and hot. Her one hand gently cradled his balls and caressed the other jacking him as her mouth worked. Cheeks pulsing in and out along the sides a tongue that never stopped and lips with great suction not breaking surface contact all that often. She would take him all the way to the core a few more times then she would finish him off and wait for the explosion of hot cum.

"Good God that feels so good OOoh baby OOooh Yaa Keep it going OoHhhh Eemmmmmm..." Yes he would cum soon she knew and quickened her pace soon she could feel the juices in his sack start to flow along and sucked harder jacking him harder and faster into her mouth. She would taste him yet every drop or him into her hungry mouth down her throat. God how good it had,no was to have a mans cock in her mouth again. Then it happened and she knew he was going to cum the sudden feel of his cock grow just that little more and the feeling of love juices flowing along his shaft along with his words. She was ready to take it all into her mouth and down. "OOooohhh Babe Christ,OOoohhh YAaaa Oohhhh Fuuuccccckkk Oooohhh my gooood God Yesssssss." With that he shot hot cum into her mouth because that is where she seemed to want it. Though she did not stop there. She stroked him from the balls up milking his cum out of him in a way no other had before.

Satisfied that all his cum was not hers. She took her mouth away and smiled up into a face that was unmasked. The pleasure he had felt was there and she could see he wanted more as did she. He knew she was done and took her gently by the shoulders and brought her to her feet once again bringing her hot mouth to to his and with out any hesitation by either lips met and tongues fenced a dance of wanting more,much more.

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