Another unfinished story  

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Another unfinished story

I wrote this one before Katrina struck. The actual place I based it on hasn't reopened yet, and probably never will - the owner died from an infection after stepping on a nail in the floodwaters, or something awful like that.


Every time I go down to New Orleans, I try to eat at this one particular seafood place because I love the food and the atmosphere. Okay, it's New Orleans - the food and the atmosphere are good anywhere you go. I go to this place because there's this wonderful bartender I have a crush on, and some drunken regulars who are a lot of fun to shoot the shit with.

The bartender, Marion, is about 25. She's short - about 5'2" - so her busty figure is wonderfully accented. And, like any good female bartender, she leaves an extra open button on her blouse. She's also a story teller. She likes to tell stories about the professionals in town who come in to the restaurant shit-faced drunk, and the scandals they get into. Actually, I suspect she probably set up the scandals one way or another... seeing how she knew so many details.

The drunken crowd I like to meet up with when I'm there is an alcoholic attorney, and some of her friends. Okay, so her name is Patricia, and she's always there with a friend or other, sometimes her (boyfriend? husband?) - usually one of her friends from work or neighborhood. And I just presume she's a drunk because every night I see her there, she's toasted. But she's a looker still at 40-45. She's about 5'8", slim with long legs that she shows off with her professional skirts that are slit a little too high up the side. She's a little flat chested for my taste, but the rest of her is definitely lickalicious.

So this one night I'm there and I'm getting a little too drunk. The conversation has been jumping around one of Marion's stories about the Assistant D.A. who showed up at the restaurant drunk with her lesbian lover - who was a total butch, and how this one guy kept trying to pick them both up by telling them he was a movie producer, and he never quite got the hint.

Soon, Patricia's friends all left, my coworkers had taken off, and it was just Patricia and I chatting, with the bartender throwing in comments and jokes when she wasn't helping the other customers. Then, Patricia excused herself for a minute to go to the bathroom, and it was just me at the bar, smoking away, while Marion cleaned up around her.

"You know," Marion said, leaning a little too far forward to catch my ear. "Patricia really wants to hook up with you. Ya'll really have the chemistry going tonight."

"Isn't she married?" I asked, "Doesn't she know I'm married?"

Marion waved her hand dismissively.

"Bah; who cares these days? It's not like I'm gonna tell anyone." Which, of course, was probably not true at all, but...

"I mean," I said, "You think I should? How do I let her know?"

"Don't you worry, boo," she said. "Just let it happen."

So Patricia comes back just then, of course. "Let what happen?" she asks.

"I think you should tell us about the 3-way he had back in college with Trish and Rachel," Marion says to me.

"How could you possibly know about that?" I asked her. "That happened 2 states over, almost 10 years ago!"

"Oh, do tell," Patricia asked.

"How did you know?" I ask Marion.

"Rachel is a friend, she moved to N.O. a couple of years back, and I got the whole scoop from her after she realized you were the same person coming here... but do tell," she said. "I wanna hear your side of it."

"Well, it was kinda crazy. Trish had been stalking me for a couple of months, and I wasn't really all that interested in her, but she was pretty persistent. Then one night she shows up at the door to my apartment with this tall, beautiful girl I'd never seen before - Rachel. They invite themselves into my apartment, and Trish pretty much straight up says 'Ok, it's time to live a fantasy', and the two of them start kissing in front of me.

"It didn't take long for me to join them on the couch, and then we moved it to the bedroom. I was really enamoured of Rachel, she was beautiful; so while the two of them were making out on the bed, I paid most of my attention to Rachel.. she, well, she tasted good, so I spent a long time pleasuring her. Then Trish demanded some attention, too, so I fucked her, but while I was fucking her, I had my fingers in Rachel and was thrusting into her wishing I was inside of her instead of Trish - and Trish knew it.

"Afterwards they had to leave for a three hour drive across state to get to work the next morning. Trish called me an asshole, and I never saw either of them again... Hmmm... what did Rachel have to say about it?"

"She said you were the best oral sex she's every had... and she's mostly lesbian now," Marion answered.

"Wow," Patricia said. "I need to go take a cold shower now."

"No you don't," Marion said, snatching Patricia's purse from the bartop. "Neither of you need to be driving after what you've been drinking tonight. I'll take both of you home. I'm off, now anyway." She bent down under the bar and came back up with her own purse, fishing out a set of keys.

"Well, come on," Marion urged, rounding the bar and heading towards the back door. Patricia grabbed my hand and pulled me along after her.

"Girls in the front?" Patricia asked as we followed Marion out to her car, which turned out out to be a little 4 door Nissan Sentra, bright red.

"No, you two will have to get in the back, all my stuff is up front, and the trunk lock is broken."

Patricia and I squeezed into the backseat, and as she pulled the door shut her head fell into my lap, her cheek pressing into my erection (I'd been sporting one since I told my little story.)

She looked up at me and smiled, "I think I'm comfy here"

As Marion put the car into gear, and some etherial music started playing over her speakers, Patricia slid a hand under her head. Even though she was looking forward, I could see the grin on her face as she started rubbing my cock through my pants.

I moved my hand down between her back and the seat, and started playing with the elastic of her skirt, slipping my fingers just a little underneath the banding. She squirmed forward into my lap so I could reach a little farther, and she was now grabbing my hard on through my pants. Without letting go of me, she slid up to face me, and we started making out.

I felt like I'd been transported 20 years into the past, making out with someone in the backseat of a car, feeling her up passionately, playing through clothes. I slipped my hand underneath her skirt and pressed it against her warm panties as she played with my belt buckle, trying to either free my cock or make room for her own hand.

"Here," Marion said from the front seat. "Have some more room." She pulled the front seat up as far as it would go, and this time, I fell. Out of the backseat to the floor, I went, coming to a stop with my head at Patricia's knees. Not one to pass up an opportunity, I started kissing her knees, which she spread as best she could for me in the cramped space. I was up to her inner thigh, and was pulling her panties aside when I noticed the car had stopped and the engine was off. But the music was still going so I place my lips to her soft mound and let my tongue slide down into her cunt. She moaned and pressed herself into my face, but something was a little odd about her moan...

I looked up to see Marion making out with Patricia. When they stopped for breath, Marion looked down and smiled.

"Hmmm - there's more room inside my place," she said. "Let's see if Rachel was right..."


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