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6/26/2006 2:32 pm
BACK OFF BITCH!!! what I would say.

I didn't. It all just happend but I think this was the coolest one:

Dark and loud, we were all very drunk. It was one of those 'orgies' of music and drugs that some poeple never forget from there young days. I was 17.

There I was: so innocent (still a virgin) and very easy going. One of my friends saw it to, I was his perfect prey! In my drunk state of mind, he convinced me to go to the toilets. "Because there we would finally have the privacy we deserve." and "many of my classmates do it to"

I was suprised to this invite and confused that a gay experience would come before everything else in my life.Even more suprised from the gay'ness of my friend and myself.

So I went, getting more honry by each step I took. My snake-friend was to and forgot I was drunk...but not crazy!!

Swiftly and with outmost care I got him to enter first. That way he had to sit on the toilet as I closed our little room and opened my perfectly fitting levis501.

"OOhh shiit...I have to serve him first", I saw him thinking. And he did, he couldnt resist(read: stop now). Full-of-shit-mothafucka, sucking my drunk dick wich had been doing peepee every 15min that evening, hehe, thats a nice lad.

I openend the door, knowing now that he couldnt suck dick for sure. And waited outside the men's room. Luckely no one saw me. He was all alone and I never knew what happend in there at that moment. Well we never talked about it ever since.

I felt like the queen of the prom that day. And the guy that started a fight with me later that evening, was this close of being next in line. He ran away though.(*damn)

5 years later my 'friend' married a girl with whom I had some adventures to,I wonder what kind of stories Uncle kristof would tell to their children...

It is the first time I ever mentioned this since I was 17. Though I hated him for tryig to pull this off, I never talked to anyone about it. He got what he deserved and is even married with it(3kids and counting).

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