The art of sex ;The basics  

rm_kptkaoz 51M
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6/24/2006 12:09 am
The art of sex ;The basics

Grooming and Hygiene
Shower and bath regularly. Razors and sissors are not just for your head people.Carefully trim that jungle,that means you too men.Maybe a shape like a heart or a lightning bolt.Its your personality.
Suprise her or him or even bath together and remove as much or as little of that unsightly and unwanted hair as you like. It will grow back.[you'll also be cooler in hot weather]Wash your head first,then your torso including your privates.Front and back.Then your feet last.Try a stronger soap if you tend to get body zits.
Cologne and Perfume
Apply a touch to your pubic hairs for your lover to encounter while pleasing you!!!Splash some on your neck to be found wispering into your ear...
What and where is up to you. You know your significant-other best.[Hopefully] Men a little on your chest for her to remember you by as she rest her head there in the after-glow.

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