last call !!!!!!!!!!  

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11/9/2005 2:35 pm

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last call !!!!!!!!!!

Friday night about 2;00 i was about to gas-up my limousine and go home.
on my way to the gas station ,i drove through the "dancing water" bar looking around ,suddenly , a women was flagging me down.
i pull-over few feet away .she come runing looked ruining
"pls you got to get us out of here pls"
her girl-friend come out from the bar to the limo
" problem" i said
''get in babe"she said to her friend..
i was looking through my rare view mirror.checking them out.
the one who flag me, was about 5'6" dark tan skin ,brown eyes cute Little tits coming out of her dress.her hair was dye to blond you can see the black big lips,beautifully Spanish girl.....
her friend about 5'2". cute Little face .black hair , brown eyes .small boobs, Little cute small ass philippina.

"there is a drink in the frig "i said
"thanks,but we cool .we are drunk already"

they were talking about some guys who try to hit on her or her girl friend,
working as a limo driver you develop a good hearing during the years.

"you OK babe?"
i can't balm the guys you look so hot"
"thanks"she said and give her a soft kiss
"you look hot too"she reply .and return with softer kiss.
kiss her on her lips on her face going down to her neck playing with her hand with her small cute boobs,,,opening her bra and taking it of
the philippina smiled and her eyes pointed at me
"who him? don't worry about him"
yes,yes,yes I'm in.
i hate when the ask to close the small window so we can't see ,like we stupid we can't see but we hear .we know what you what the use of closing it if you going to do it!!?

the Spanish was kissing her tits sucking them hard rubbing in one hand and sucking with the other hand
"yeah baby" the philippina moan
"suck them hard"
and slowly slowly the cute small philippina body appears,her body was tan ,beautifully tan,smooth
like a baby ass.nice cute tits ,tiny cute sexy body.the Spanish was kissing licking it going down to her stomach and down to her pussy
putting her down on the lather sit.
whispering "you so beautifully"
her tongue was all over her pussy licking kissing her
"yeah ,yeah" the philippina screamed
"suck my pozzie"
her tiny legs was up touching the limo roof
between was the Spanish head deep inside her pussy
"oh my god" the philippina screamed pulling her head in
the Spanish girl was kissing her going up to her stomach by the belly-button,licking her boobs licking all the way to her lips licked her lips with her tongue,lick her tongue and kiss again
the both tongue was kissing licking each other rubbing each other body
the philippina start to undress her kissing her in the neck while taking her black dress off.
two big boobs pumped up out of her dress ,brown smooth body appears nice long legs hide a well shaved pussy.
the philippina was kissing those big boobs licking them putting her small tits against them.

i was hot as a oven i turn to them and asked
"can i join you?"
"hall no" the Spanish girl answered.
and said to her friend"go on babe, suck my tits"
the philippina did just that licked and kissed her all over all the way to the pussy.
"yeah baby" the Spanish girl screamed, moan
so loud
the philippina girl was putting her tiny tongue all inside her
few min latter the Spanish girl sit down ,got something from her bag ,oh my god,
it's a big fat black rubber cock,
she put it on tighted it to her waist
"come sit on me " she asked the philippina
the philippina claimed on her and set on her legs facing her ,
they start kissing with the tongue .licking rubbing each other body rubbing both pussy against each other while the kissing
moving in&out each other body harder,faster
harder faster,fucking each other
"fuck me ,yes fuck me harder"
the Spanish girl carried the small tiny Ass holding the philippina small Ass and was pushing &pulling it in &out fucking her like a dude,
just seen that. make me cum all over my panties
the sound , the screams, make me want to join them so bad.
they got out the limo smiling ,holding hands
"see you later,alligator"both said and disappeared to the building

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