can i hire you ????  

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11/7/2005 9:10 pm

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can i hire you ????

my name is papo ,I'm a limousine driver ,i been a limo driver since 1990.

one mid August in very hot day. no calls came in.normally if there is no calls i go and park by one of the hotel until i get the call .
so i drove the limo in to the main entrance.the valet guys was talking about footballs,i join to the conversation,talking about football,basketball all the sports .
through the main glass doors , i could see her red dress ,her Long legs,slowly ,slowly going down the stairs ,her face appears .
she had a angel face her long blond hair was floating with her beautiful girl i find my self starring at her.i had to take my eyes quick of her,but it was too Late she noticed it
and just smiled.
" can you call me a taxi?"she asked one of the valet guy there
"yes mom"
after about 5 min the valet guy came back
"it's going to be 30 min mom"
"30 min?" she screamed
"why that long?"
"they are too busy"he reply
''i got to be somewhere ,i need a taxi" she scream
"sorry mom" the valet guy said and start leaving
in to the hotel
she was standing there by the hotel entrance.i walk to my the doors and start cleaning it a bit.
"that's your limo?'she asked
"yes .mom"
"can i hire you?"
"OK .let's go you hired"
"hold on mom before we go i got to tell you ,it's $50 an hour"
"that's fine"
i open the doors for her she slid to the sit i close the door and went around to my driver side
''got any drink?"she ask
"oh yeah the bar is full" i answered
and point to the bar door.she open the door and got a glass of whiskey
''take me to this address"she said and gave me piece of paper
"don't leave i want you to wait for me OK?"
i drove her to the address .she got out and went in to the office doors
about 45 min later she came out with a guy ,about 40+ ,clean cut,expansive cloths.
i open the door for them they got in
''want a drink?" she ask the gentleman
"yeah i Will have whiskey too"
few min later i could see through my rare view mirror her hand going under his pants.
slowly slowly she open button ,by button with her mouth.removing his pants
holding his dick and start sucking it .kissing and sucking putting it all in her mouth.
"yeah,baby" he moan
my dick was getting up too
she was sucking&licking the sound of Licking was all over the limo
his hand was rubbing her ass.going inside to her pussy

he put up her red dress and toke of her pantie
''turn around babe"he says
and old her and turn her to the window sitting dodgy style
he stand up hold his dick and put it inside her
in&out harder,faster.deeper
''fuck me,fuck me harder" she screamed
and he was fucking her harder and harder.
the back site moved so much noises come out from the site the springs was about to break i thought
about 30 min later i got to the hotel entrance
"we here mom"i said
"already?"she asked
i open the doors for them .the guy gave me $300
she look at me smiled came closer &gave me a big hug &kiss
"thank you""she said
"you welcome"i reply
"you fire" she said and lol,,,,,,

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