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as the essence of the things that made her a woman flowed into me couldnt help but to reval in the sheer passion of bringing a woman such as her to climax I almost did my self but quickly brought it back under control as i swallowed each and every last drop if her woman hood as she held my head still close to her body i could feel her quake with after shocks of the orgasm that just rocked her body i still gently licked her trying to not to miss any of her femaninty, as she released my head I slowy made my way back up the way i Came making sure not to miss any spot that i had come across on my way there, when I made my way back to her ruby red lips my meet hers in a full kiss that could have been the deepest in all of creation, she motioned for me to layback and i knew that it was my turn on the passion wheel that night. As she started to kiss me I could smell her hair wich flowed as if in zero gravity she had a sent that had to be kissed by the gods, all I could think of was this is the encounter I was born for, that nothing in the world matter but me and the most stunnig of women that lay before me, and the most intamate of acts that we were partaking of.

Shes kissing my collar bone, working her down past my smooth chest she spends equal amounts of time on both of my nipples before she makes her way to my midsection she takes her tounge and makes playful swirls around my navel and kisse around the edge of my boxer teasing me, she drags her nails across my chest giving feelings i can only describe as orgasmic pain she glides her nails down my midsection she tugs at the the top of my boxers sliding them down my thighs past my knees to my ankles and finaly off. Then she reaches up and firmly takes my manhood in her grasp she starts by softly kissing my head, she then starts to lick my shaft with a skill that I can only describe as ground breaking, she takes my sack in one hand as she slides the head and shaft of me into her warm mouth I close my eyes and let her work her vodoo on me as she works me in her mouth with the right amount of suction and moistness I can only think this is what we were made for.
She takes my throbing manhood out of her mouth and begins to message it with her and as she sucks and licks my sack, I can only think that she had mastered this art for me and me only. Then she takes my head into her mouth sucking while she still strokes the shaft of me with her hand faster and faster she storkes my rock hard erction she lets go and takes the whole thing in her mouth I cant help but thurst back with my hips she breaks into a fever speed, and i can feel my limit quickly cuming she seals her lips tight around my head making sure not to miss a single single drop of the thing that makes me what i am.............

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