me and you  

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4/24/2005 3:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

me and you

she walks into the room the soft light from the full moon dances across her soft skin, her knee high silk dress glides across her skin as if all the silk in the china were made for her. My eyes catch hers as she walks toward me in such a way as to excite every fiber of my being, i meet her in the middle of the room and take her hand in mine, as I lead her to the bed she reaches up and gives me the softest kiss on the back of my neck that stands my hairs up. We reach the bed just as I turn to kiss her deeply to the inner most fibers of her womanhood i take her and lay her on the bed and start kissing her gently on her neck down to her collarbone, as Im still kissing her i reach up and gently slide down the straps of her slik dress reavling her round ample breast and perfect nipples I gently finger her nipples between my thumb and pointer finger they instantly sprout I take one and use my tounge to make circles around it as she wiggles and moans I keep going down further with my kissing I keep fondling her breast and nipples as I kiss lower my lips meet her black g-string i tug on it playfuly with my teeth then i slide it of. her perfectly shaved womanhood calling me i start at the top with my tounge and gently slide my tounge down the middle of her slowly opening it so that i may savour every moment of this most vunerable of moments, I slowly lick and and suck the most bountyfull of meals placed before me, up and down the inside of her i lick before i taste the deepest of her pleasuers she moans with extacy as i work my tounge in and out of her most sacred of places, i then slide up to that spot that most men commnly use but never master, i use my tounge to stimulate the hood as i suck it gently in to my mouth i expose the most delicate of places and take my tounge and start to do what i was born to do around and around my tounge went the more I tastes the more she moaned, faster and faster i worked my tounge untill she couldnt take it any more she grabs my head and forces it into her she has an orgasm around my tounge i can taste her warm jucies on my tounge...............

love2fck18 30F

4/24/2005 9:08 pm

i wanna hear more and then i want to do it

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