Your shyt stinks and I'm holding my nose!  

rm_klittykatt4u 44F
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1/19/2006 9:25 pm

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12/5/2006 8:03 pm

Your shyt stinks and I'm holding my nose!

Yep! I'm back...

I gotanutha rant...

Okay, where do I start?

Right in the middle, I guess:

"at which point I will take my third digit and penetrate your pussy hole, remove my finger and lick it, then I will bend my head down and put my face between your legs and lick you until you come over and over, then I will..."

Guys!! This kinda crap...this poorly written Harlequinn wannabe erotica just absolutely turns me the hell OFF! Ladies??? Can I get an Amen???

I don't even know you, and you're giving me a play by play list of what to expect from a sexual encounter with you? No, no NO!!

Start with "hello." Don't start with "I can eat pussy all day..." or, "I love to eat pussy..."

Every body and his brother is saying that here...

It's so UN-OR-IG-IN-AL! **sigh**

Please take these pointers for what they are worth. I have discovered that a great many of you here are growing ever more frustrated at not getting any responses. I'm tellinya attention...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

You've probably already discovered that a big chunk of the ladies here are fake. Decoy profiles set up to lead you horny guys to anuther site--for the sole purpose of taking your money.

Then there's anuther whole chunk of ladies here who want...OTHER LADIES.

That leaves only but a SMALL percentage of ladies here who are even willing to give you a fleeting thought. And then you go BLOW IT, like that?

You are banking on the slim chance that we are sitting here on the other side of the web in sheer and utter desperation. And in making this ASSumption, you throw a big nasty litney of disrespectful bullshyt right at us. And here I am ducking.

It's played out but oh so true...

You get more flies with honey.


rm_lovenurbode 37M

1/20/2006 4:02 am

ok...this time you have out done yourself Unbelievable...let me tell you what I would do to you. JUST KIDDING!!! I never divulge until right before it happens. Keeps the ladies on your toes you know!!! HEHE Besides, like you said, I am very unoriginal and have no creative writing ability!

Once again...freaking hilarious. Keep telling us how it is

Lovenurbode (once gotta let me see it)

discreet_fun_28 39M

1/21/2006 6:29 am

I have to agree with what you are saying. People can be extremely rude. Even though this is an adult site, the guys still need to respect the ladies.

However, let me say for those of us that try to be polite and respectful, it usually leads to no avail. As you said there is a very small percentage of women that are looking for men. Of those women I believe that only a couple are probably acting on what they say they want.

I don't have the previously mentioned 'dick pic', and I start my emails by offering to meet for lunch or dinner to get to know each other and see where it goes from there. Yet, I still don't get much response. Any suggestions that you can offer?

rm_klittykatt4u 44F
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1/21/2006 4:35 pm

Thanks again guys for your thoughtful responses. I appreciate that you have taken time to read my blog.


I think the main problem men (and some of the ladies) are encountering on this site as that we tend to focus so much on our individual needs that we forget that the person who could very likely fill those needs are also individuals. I get canned responses and I ignore them. I have received an email that said "Your profile piqued my curiosity and I loved your pic" when I have not even posted a picture.

People are on fishing expeditions and they're fishing with the wrong bait. The chance that they might catch something is slim and if they do, they are likely to want to throw it back in anyway.

So what I'm suggesting is that while, for me, a first email that might offer to meet for lunch or dinner is fine--provided that there is something in the email or profile that I find interesting along with a high percentage match, for others, this might be too forward.

So how in the heck do you know? I say, READ the profile. Some are sketchy, I realize that, but some are not. And if the profile leaves you wanting for more information, then it's a good sign that the first email should be more of a get-to-know-you type deal. Save the offer to meet for later.

I guess, for me, this kind of forum is not too far different from meeting people in person. Sure, you can avoid all the unnecessary rituals so long as there's mutuality of agreement. "Don't assume I want to have sex with you on a first meeting just because I'm on an adult site and I won't assume the same about you," for example.

The only thing I think that limits your responses is that you are mainly available in the morning or afternoon.

Let's look at it this way:

1. Single women are usually working during the day.
2. Couples tend to want to play together, and usually at night or on weekends.
3. Married women seeking fun away from hubby might also work during the day and are therefore mostly available at night or on weekends.
4. Married or single women available for morning or noon play are few and far between. And from that limited pool, you may or may not match what's on their wish list.

Increase your chances by sending thoughtful emails (and by thoughtful, I don't mean romantic mush, I mean well thought out emails that show who you are as a person).

Anyway, gotta go.

Have fun and thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

heteromaniac 45M
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2/27/2006 4:18 pm

Oh my God!
You are so right!
It already understood that most people on here have an agenda!
You don't have to expose it by starting off a conversation with tasteless remarks. We can still have stimulating conversation without atating the obvious fact that most of here stay on "horny". People still like a little mystery and anticipation in their lives.
Thanks for hitting up my blog kittykatt. Much love!

rm_klittykatt4u 44F
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3/15/2006 5:15 am


Thanks for stopping by!

rm_Ellenback 58F
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5/16/2006 8:45 pm

Good stuff klittykat4u, or is it still 'Frank'...? LMAO

It's the old case of, "if you want to reach me, talk to my brain first..." that guys don't get!!!

I mean, it IS the largest sex organ on the body, both on women, and on MOST men...hehehe



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