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9/4/2006 9:41 am

Having a bedroom balcony that looks out over the front yard and the street seemed like a disadvantage when I first saw it. Too public. I put some potted plants next to the railing to kinda screen it. It's not very wide, so they crowd the tiny table with 2 chairs.

Yesterday I played with the possibilities. Expecting a guest, Mr. G the Ethiopian, I wanted him to be more forward. His years at the Pontifical Ethiopian College in Vatican made him very polite. Now that he's about to become a full time Realtor, he needs to be more forward. His toe in the water flirting is way too timid.

So I waited topless for him on the balcony. Wore a big black skirt with red bars at the hem. Gypsy like. Blue thong. Hair pulled back. Coffee and newspaper. Used the newspaper as a shield.

Waiting for him was very exciting.

His mind may have been on seeing the Shiferaw Grima hanging on my living room wall, but as he walked up the front path, I gave him a big hint that there was more to see than a painting. I helloed and stood up, holding the newspaper. He looked up. I smiled and said something and let the newspaper come down to my side.

For a moment I was afraid he wouldn't come in. But he did. Come. Inside.

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