The Pursuit of Eros  

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5/19/2005 6:39 pm

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The Pursuit of Eros

Eros ? Who’s your lover, is she beautiful like a horse or sensual like a pig. Eros? Is it something we can hold between our hands or is it something held within our mind or is it some mixture of touchable and thinkable.

She was a teacher and a poet. Me, I was nothing, or no-one, a writer. We met at an online personals site. After chatting for awhile I called her personality the sophisticated tomboy. I began to understand her like this after noticing her type cuss words about various people to make her emphasis about her frustration with them.
Her laughter so defined her, however. There were two sorts of it; one was the kind of gentle amusement she could let out after I would try to make an amusing comment to her, the other was a kind of warm deep down piercing laughter she let out after dreamily repeating something I just said when she was extremely pleased with me.

We walked back to her place through the empty streets while bugs swarmed around the light posts. There was a bridge over the river where we stopped to admire the waxing moon. She was gazing into the dark water and dreamily whispered to me “…shh, do youuu see the moonlight dancing in the river…”
“Yes, it’s quite something. Is that a line…”
“hushh, nooope, just something.” She amusingly spouts. As we both have a little laugh I put my arms around her waist. She put her arms thought mine and held my back. I had never kissed her before this, so looking right into her eyes I bring my face towards her and put my lips right on her chin. Just after my lips leave her she lets out a tremor of laughter which tickles me through to my stomach. Then as she was smiling there her eyes closed and I brought my lips to hers…

Part II inside

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