she was leaning against the table...  

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9/25/2005 10:49 pm

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she was leaning against the table...

She was leaning aginst the table when i entered, she turned and looked at me, her hands lifted as if to cover her near naked ness but stopped and dropped back to her side.

"What do you want" she said. "You know what i want" i replied. "Tell me!" she commanded, her breath sounding husky and quickened... "No" I said, "I'll show you instead" and i moved to her..

I lay her back over the table and started to kiss and lick all the way up her legs, until I reached her wet silky panties, I place my lips over her pussy, through her panties, and softly blew warm air into her hot moist pussy, the smell of her passion drifted back through her panties, hot, musty and full of flavour and delight.

I started gently rubbing her clit with my fingers, again through her panties, before easing them aside and slipping my probing tongue into her now sopping wet pussy, tasting her sweetness and licking up to her clit before stroking it with the point of my tongue, while I slid 2 fingers into her hot pussy, easing them in slowly, feeling her pussy muscles clamping around them as I gently and slowly ease them in, then while my fingers continue working on her pussy, my tongue is still working on her clit licking and flicking it, before I gentle nibble and suck on it with my lips and teeth, pulling at it as I feel her squirm some more.

By now her pussy juices have covered my hands and between her legs, so while my fingers continue to slide in and out of her pussy, my little finger is gentle circling her anus, using her own juices to lube it as I slowly slide my finger in, gentle easing it as she relax's and accept's it, she gasp's as she realize's I now have my fingers buried deep inside her pussy and my little finger gentle pumping in her ass, she starts pumping back, wanting to feel more, wanting me deep inside her, buried as deep as I can I continue to nibble at her clit feeling her build to orgasm, feel her thrusting harder against my face and fingers, with one hand she push's my face deep into her pussy, her other pushes against my hand in her pussy, forcing my fingers deeper, she is still thrusting against me, suddenly she tense's up and starts shuddering, she climax's noisily, her juices flowing freely as she collapse's back on to the table....

I continue to lick and eat her pussy, devouring all her love juices and keep her quivering with little electric shocks as my tongue hits another sensitive spot which makes her quiver and run anew, I ease her wet sodden panties off and slip them into my pocket for a future keepsake, so I can take them out and remember her when we are apart, relive our experience and keep me looking forward to the next one....

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