Time For A Haircut!  

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10/2/2005 9:39 pm

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Time For A Haircut!

As i lay back in the chair, she carried on chatting, looking out the window, disinterested in the day by the look of things, not her usual way but hey, i'm here for a wash and a cut and then home... who really cares if shes interested or not!

I lay back and relax, forgetting about work and enjoy the gentle warm sensation as the warm water runs down my hair and the gentle rhtymn of her hands massaging the shampoo into my scalp, easing away any stress or tension i begin to unwind, obviously it's working to well because i'm now starting to get aroused by the whole thing!

I try to move subtly, rearranging my hands in front of me and try and think of something else to distract me, great game of rugby in the weekend, damn, not working, i'm now imagining shes rubbing her breasts against me on purpose, relax tiger shes just doing her job, damn swelling, hurry up and go.....

I wonder if she noticed, i hope not, its hard enough finding a hairdresser you like without cracking a bone while she cuts your hair and putting her off.... dare i look, surely she would have stopped if she noticed by now? ah what the heck... what the hell is she smiling at.. ah damn she has noticed.... buggar, now what??? wait a minute, she doesn't usually make this much contact as she washs my hair, damn thats slow and sensual, nah, still imagining things... ah what heck enjoy it while you can....

You all right there love, she says to me, your looking a bit flushed, not to hot is she asks. No i stammer just right, everythings fine, thats good she said, just relax and enjoy yourself. Hmmm fine, i thought, i lay back enjoying her sensual massaging of my head and the increased "bumps" and pressure of her breasts against my shoulders and side of my face. Then i feel a pressure against my shoulder and release she has her pelvis region rubbing against me... still ok she murmurs... fine i reply pressuring back a little, you OK? Much better now she sighs as she returns the pressure, now grinding her clothed pussy agaist me.

Night calls her assistant, sure you don't want me to stay and close up with you? No thanks she calls back, i'm sure "Bob" can help me if i need anything, just do the sign and lock the door on the way out. Her assistant smiles, waves and leaves, flipping the open sign to closed and locking the door behind her.

Now where were we she whispers, pressing her hips against me again, ahh thats right she purrs... i don't think theres any need to hide that anymore, do you she says. I smile and move my hand which shows the outline of my cock pressing against my trousers, hmm she says, that looks interesting....

I slip my hand up the inside of her thigh as she moves in front of me, slipping it inside her skirt and quickly locate her silky lace panties, which are now soaking wet, her legs spread as i slide my fingers across the fabric of her panties and run them up to her clit, which i can feel through the fabric of her panties, hmmm she moans as i start flicking and rubbing it, while slipping my finger inside her panties and running it along her wet pussy lips, before slowly sliding two fingers inside her, ahhh she signs again, starting to move against my hand, pushing my fingers in deeper, she gasps as i lightly pinch her clit between my fingers and falls forward on to me.

We quickly change position and i lower myself to the floor between her legs, i position each leg over an arm rest exposing her neatly trimmed sweet pussy to the hungry attention of my tounge and lips. She moans and squirms under the attention of my darting tounge, slipping here, licking there and tugging at her clit at every opportunity. She is now grinding her pussy into my face as i continue working at it.

I can feel her climax building as i continue the attention with my mouth and tounge, sensing the need to step the attention up i slowly slide my fingers inside her, she gasps as they enter her and she starts humping my face and hand with everything she has.

1 hand continues to push my face into her pussy, holding it there for dare life, while her other hand guides my spare hand to her ass where she holds it until i slide two fingers inside her tight little ass, leaving my thumb free to also slide into her now crammed pussy. As my fingers and thumb enter her she starts pumping even harder and starts to climax, pushing my face harder into her sodden hot pussy, her juices run over my face where i eagerly lap up her juices as quickly as i can... she collapses back into the chair, spent, twitching as her her body comes down.

She looks at me and smiles, your turn now she says with an evil grin on her face... We swap places and she quickly has my pants around my ankles and looks up at me with hunger in her eyes as she says with a throaty chuckle, lie back babe and enjoy yourself! She starts kising and licking her way up my legs, playfully kissing, nipping and licking her way up my leg until she arrives at my sack, she lightly runs her hands under them, carefully cupping them and bringing her mouth down to them starts kissing and sucking them, taking one ball into her mouth and then the other, by now by cock is rock hard and ready to unleash its own load, she continues on licking around the base of my shaft, running her tounge around it and then up it to the tip of my knob, she rolls her tounge around it while its in her hot wet mouth before engulfing it and taking the whole shaft deep in her mouth, she then moves her mouth back up towards the tip again, slowly running her velvet silky lips over my shaft flicking her tounge up it, she is now fucking my cock with her mouth, milking it skillfully, i start to feel the tell tale sign as my cock starts to twitch, i groan and tell her that i'm about to cum, she steps up her pace and slides her spare hand between my legs and fondles my balls, rubbing them and squeezeing them gentle, this is enough to start me cuming, but just as i unlease my load she pushes her finger into my ass, causing such a surprsie and erotic reaction that i cum even more, over flowing her mouth and dribbling down the side of her mouth.....

We both lean back to relax, grinning at each other, when she whispers, so you ready for round three...

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