the end.  

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8/12/2005 12:29 am

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9/17/2006 8:12 pm

the end.

Well all things have an ending. And the time has cum to end this blog and start anew. I last posted last Fri. and have been a busy person since. Fri. night I got a warm welcome back at the Erotic Zone. Red went with me and that was awesome. Haven't seen him in weeks. Between work, vacation and illness just couldn't get together. But we connected not once but twice. Wore him out. Then my best bud was there and we got to share a really nice time together. Finally porn star was sneaking around and we met in the pantry closet. But it was not private enough and there was a space issue. I finally told everyone night about 2 am. And Porn Star cum seen me. So welcome back Kitty. Then had plans to meet a new guy one day this week. I got there and had not eaten so I called and left him a VM that I would be in the restaraunt haveing dinner and where I would be sitting. Well he didn't show up and so I called again and still no answer on the cell. So I hung up thinking he is on his way. Well, I ordered and 45 min from arrival I called and left a VM that it is inconsiderate to not call and cancel. I found out the next day he had gone to the wrong place. Men?!! Well instead the waitress was really nice and friendly. She told me she would be off shortly and was going to have a drink. I told her to come on over and have one with me. So she agreed. I called my ex husband's ex best friend to chat while I waited for my meal. He decided to come over to the restaraunt and join me. We have a platonic friendship. When he got there he made it clear he was very interested in the waitress. We joked around and ate. I told her that my friend would be joining us. She did not mind. When we got the bill my male friend paid with a credit card. So on his copy of the bill I wrote, "Need phone# please." Then handed both copies to her. Of course she wrote back that she had a BF and so would not give him the #. When she got off we had a drink and we hit it off and shared about ourselves. I gave her my name # and email address and the url for the zone. We planned to meet there this Fri. I had to scoot cuz I had told ty that I would possibly come over after my date. Well since he didn't show up I would be over after my drink. He was horny. I got in the door barely. We were all over each other. We fucked on the stairs. I have rug burn on my back, knees and chest. hhhhmmm how did that happen. We then chatted and played with his cat before I came home exhausted. My BF came over then the next night. We had a very nice time mixing and mingling on the bed. Wed I had to go back to work. Bummer. But after work made it J.A. for dinner and a drink. Vanilla but nice. Then tonight....Was picked up in a 1965 Austin Healey. OMG!!!! Very nice. Not sure how many of you love cars but I do. A once in a lifetime experience. We went to a little nearby restaraunt for drinks. We live in the same neighborhood so went to his house. He has a fiesty sweet lab. Got so excited and was jumping on me and the car and the furniture. So he put her out for awhile to chill. He has a very nice home. And a soft cushy couch. We had alot in common. Well I just got home and figured I had better close this out and start a new blog. As you can see these ramblings are not of a woman without!!!!!! I made it. Kisses. Don't do anything that I would. Catch me in my new blog.

fitandfun1469 47M

5/5/2006 1:28 am

OMG is right about the Austin Healey. Growing up, my neighbor down the street had one slowly melting in their garage. A bug-eye sprite! I fell in love. When they moved I think they were willing to give it to me, but my parents were not about to have a project car in the driveway. I don't think I will ever get over it.

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