First Date  

rm_kitkat8600 50F
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6/4/2006 10:29 pm
First Date

Your idea to meet at a hotel restaurant/bar was perfect; it’ll leave options open for us. I have been anticipating meeting you. You're all I could think of on the drive down. I’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes…I’m early, but hey that’s just me. It's dinner time so
it's busy here waitresses running around.
I’ve been looking for you but don't see you come in. I feel a hand on my shoulder and you whisper “hello” in my ear and gently bite my ear

I start to feel a little warm. It's obvious immediately that we both feel the sexual tension.
I feel a little flushed and smiling a nervous yet devilish smile as you take a seat next to me at the bar.
We order you a drink and we begin to make nervous small talk littered with sexual innuendo. Eventually, I lean close to you and press my lips to yours, our tongues desperately search for each other and I feel your hand moving over my thigh up my skirt. I feel very warm. We lean back and smile at each other, its clear to me that you are ready to claim me as yours. You excuse yourself for a minute. I see you speak to the waiter and got up front. You return. “I have a room here for us,” you say. You
lean forward and playfully bite my bottom lip and reply “Lets go”.
The moment the elevator door shuts we lock once again into a hot open-mouthed kiss. Your massaging my tits and grinding your hard crotch into mine. You can feel my dripping wet pussy through my skirt. Your hard as rock. The elevator rings at our floor and we compose ourselves as the door open and we walk hand-in-hand to our room.
Inside we grab a seat on the sofa and You offer me some wine…
We start to kiss and explore.
You tell me to stand and strip. ”yea that’s what
I want to see the real thing, not pictures”.
I am now fully naked in front of you. You pull me towards you..............

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