What a weekend  

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7/31/2005 2:49 pm

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What a weekend

What an awesome weekend on the coast. Two days of food, sex, and sun. We went clubbing on Friday night and had a great time until the cops took our clubs away (well I was a little intoximicated by the end of it).

It seems every flat lander on the eastern seaboard was walking around from bar to bar, almost got run over by a flock of Harley's ... you get the picture ! We got back to the no-tell mo-tell around 12:30 and actually made it to sleep at 2:30. One of those sex sessions with body parts everywhere, panties caught in the ceiling fan, small mammals smoking in the shower stall, donkeys, firetrucks...

Saturday was spent recovering from the previous evening and by 2 o'clock in the afternoon and after a power nap in a hammock (no idea whose it was) I was right as rain and ready for misadventure. Several beam and cokes later someone suggested mini golf. We looked for midgets for a couple hours and couldn't find any so we went anyway. I lost more to my decision to dive from the waterfall on the 14th hole than any lack of skill. Had a really interesting conversation with a store clerk who decided to card me based on my choice of t-shirt and sunburn, I told her I loved her for carding me and really appreciated the attention and the tip on uses for vinegar. We then proceeded back to the series of rooms with beds that passed for the motel and hung out for a while on the terrace after unsuccessfully trying to convince the owner of the establishment we really NEEDED to go swimming after midnight and really only needed the key to the pool area for just a little while. I really thought I was cumming across as a sober responsible adult .... evidently not.

We decided bed was a good idea around one a.m., and after checking all 72 channels on the tv and seeing nothing interesting, actually went to sleep. We made it back in one piece Sunday, cruised some yard sales and started this blog. Explored the new winks and emails we had received over the weekend and uploaded some pics, and laughed more about our various stunts this weekend. Overall ... two thumbs up !

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