Talking Shit  

rm_king_bee_76 40M
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9/2/2006 10:08 am

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3/13/2007 2:40 pm

Talking Shit

I love for a women to talk shit and then back it up. I love it even when she doesn't back it up.. To me for a women to tell me that she gives the best head ever and that i will not find a better pussy thne hers I like that and that hes shit will have me hidin in the bushes at 3am is cool. because to me it shows confindence. and everyone knows a little bit of confindence is sexy. that silly song by the PCD the only reason i liked it was because it is what i am talking about. "don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me." yes i do. so please tell me if you agree or disagree by adding some comments.

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10/17/2006 5:45 pm

Hmmm, while this might be true, it does suck when the GUY talks shit and can not back it up, would you not agree?

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