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12/17/2005 7:28 am

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So i called him last night.

i gave in. i wanted to talk so i tried. no answer. so i got drunk. and that was when i left the first message. got sober, left second message. now 4hrs after the drunk call, i text messaged him.

yes, he finally got back to me.

he went out to drink with the girls. yes, i said girls. this boy has more famel friends then male friends.

he tells me i was not 86'd. and then proceeds to defend why i was not 86'd. i had to stand my ground and let him kow he did 86 me and that i wont forgive him any time soon.

i am weak when it comes to this man. he makes me laugh. he is funny and kind overall. so i cant hold my ground.

we get off the phone and the texting begins.

by the end he has told me he adores me and that i am not weak. i still say i am. but in the end i had forgiven him.

what can i do.

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