Tomorrows Past  

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4/23/2005 1:08 am

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Tomorrows Past

NOTE: The 'mood' of each posting is the mood I was in which prompted the verse provided.

I read And so it begins at [blog sexyfitwoman]. A tale of early love given, taken but not returned, eventual rejection and subsequent low self image, a potential rekindling? that soured quickly. God, I could write volumes about man's lack of sensitivity or outright not giving a damn about a girls feelings, wants and desires. Anyway:

Trolling the waters, of ones past,
Does oft dredge up, our thoughts that last.
Times of suffering, moments of shame,
The loves we lost, the others of pain.

Shall all good times succumb to bad?
Why does our bliss oft leave us sad?
From such lessons, we learn and grow,
Fresh fields to till, new seeds to sow.

A new harvest, of fruit that bears,
More pleasant finds, and other cares.
And thus we plan, our future play,
Tomorrow dawns, a brand new day.

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