To Squirt or Not to Squirt  

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To Squirt or Not to Squirt

This started out as a comment for [blog LacyCuffs] in her Women who Squirt... post. However, it became a monster so I felt it best to post it here and let her decide what parts, if any, she would like moved to her blog.

Squirting … This Male's Perspective

I've been with numerous women who have been able to 'squirt'. I learned how and where to look for the G-Spot from an older lady while I was in college; a novice learning from a veteran. Over time I have found that while this mysterious spot is in the same region of the pussy, it's exact location can vary significantly from one woman to the next. As such, it tends to be something that takes time and patience to locate. Qualities that a lot of men just don't seem to have during sex play.

When one thinks of female ejaculation, it often brings to mind a vision of a women spread-eagled, squirting a quart of fluid across the room. This is not always the case. The amount of fluid ejaculated varies significantly from one woman to the next. The same goes for the distance achieved.

Personally, I'm not interested in watching a woman nail a camera lens at twenty paces. My target for her is usually much, much closer. While it most often occurs during oral stimulation while fingering, it can easily be achieved during intercourse. I find female ejaculation during intercourse to be very exciting and intense, and I can't think of a single time when it occurred and I didn't cum at the same time.

Once a woman becomes comfortable with her own ejaculation, I understand that the need to directly stimulate the G-spot is no longer necessary. However, I have never been with a woman who squirted without at least some form of G-spot stimulation.

... to be continued

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