Dutch find the magic in female orgasm  

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Dutch find the magic in female orgasm

Men have long probed the mysteries of the female orgasm so wondrous to behold so perfect in its stages and execution. Women may well have understood but now complex wiring, chemistry and physical magic come together in explaining the incredible power of this cosmic force. This may well be men and womens finest moments altering the nature of reality for each other in a symphony of thunderous momentum and passion driven desire. read on.... practice.....
Tuesday June 21, 05:11 AM

Much of her brain shuts down when she reaches a sexual climax.The discovery was made during experiments in the Netherlands when couples' brains were scanned during lovemaking.

Neuroscientist Dr Gert Holstege, from the University of Groningen said it appeared that shutting down the brain during orgasm ensured that obstacles such as fear and stress did not get in the way.

"When you are fearful or have a very high level of anxiety, then it's hard to have sex because during sex you really have to give yourself and let go."

Men were studied in the same way but because the male orgasm typically takes such a short time it was difficult to obtain meaningful brain scan data.

A total of 13 women and 11 men, ranging in age from 19 to 49, took part in the experiments at Dr Holstege's laboratory.

Since it was vital to remain completely still in the scanner, volunteers had to have their heads restrained while being stimulated.

The rest of the body was free to move.

Participants lay naked on a table with their head inside the scanner - but had to wear socks to avoid cold feet.

And there could be a connection with the aphrodisiac effect of alcohol.

"Alcohol brings down the fear level," said Dr Holstege. "Everyone knows if you give alcohol to a woman it makes things easier."
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