The last day of Summer  

rm_kenmorewest 56M
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4/26/2006 5:24 am
The last day of Summer

The pale one from the north caught his eye
favoured by the elders , a smart one , they'd say
Not one to be played with, not one to be toyed
respect was commanded and given with joy

At this a time a price came a calling
he found her alone at her home
so she took him out to see the kingdom
that she had made her own

The kingdom grew with abundance
the peasants knew who ruled on the land
and yet all was forgotten
when the gallant one who took up her hand

The dawn of spring brought joy to loved ones
Young maidens danced with the rhythm anew
No one expected dark clouds
to wash away the morning dew

Spring had the start of a racehorse
that jumped from the gates right on cue
new friends with all the new faces
who gave the price an astounding review

The long days of summer ran quickly
and the sun shone upon chosen few
as man and women were ageless
as time stood still as with you

As the hunter was hunted
the pray became supreme
the one that was searching
was lost in the light of the beam

As the sun grew dim in the evening
and the clouds set in from the west
the princess sent the prince to go to
the big war in the land with no rest

On the last day of summer

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