Duval Faced on Shit Street  

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3/15/2006 7:07 pm
Duval Faced on Shit Street

lol! Guess where I spent the weekend. Yes, I went to Key West. However, even tho the title implies that I was shit faced on Duval Street, I was not....

Having been in Florida for 18 years, I figured it was time to check it out. Actually, it was way overdue, but hey, whatever.... Me and a friend left Friday morning and drove all day. Got to Islemorada and found a room for the night. Great little place, on the ocean, second floor room with a balcony. Expensive, but worth it.

Unloaded stuff into the room and headed down to Key West for a sunset, dinner, shopping... whatever presented itself. Got there and had to find change for the parking meters. Missed the sunset by about 3 minutes. Oh well.. Off to dinner. Not bad, good hamburger, busy, loud. Walked Duval, bought a bracelet and a hat. Found a great picture for the wall, too expensive. Walked to the bouy thingy and took a picture or two. Couldn't find a public bathroom ANYWHERE!!! All the merchants said "it's not working" or "for customers only". What a pain! Decided to go back to the hotel.

80 mile ride to the hotel. Yes, stopped and used a bathroom. Got to the room, returned a phone call and crashed! Woke up to see the sunrise at dark thirty.

Left the Keys late morning and decided to take a trip down Alligator Alley (after a stop to see the parents). 25 years ago, that road was much different. I only found one gator in view! Now they have rest / recreation areas and boat launches. Even a gas station! That's not the Alligator Alley I remember! Continued up the west side of the coast and decided to get some strawberry shortcake. Oh, gee, the strawberry festival is happening... How convenient! lol!

Walk around, eat, get accosted by the carnival game people, make fun of people, eat some more... By the time we left there, exhaustion was setting in. I don't remember much of the ride from there to home. I think I kept falling asleep.

In a nutshell, the journey was more fun than the destination. It's a cool thing when you can be in the same car with someone for two (almost 3) days and still laugh and joke with each other when you get home. There's something to be said about that.

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