so it begins  

rm_kazoolustman 36M
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5/16/2006 12:27 am
so it begins

well here it is, a beggining to what i do not know. i suppose i should start out saying a big about me. i am 25, single, in a way, fun loving and goofy. okay so that sounds like the start to my profile but it describes me in the best of ways. addressing the almost single part, it means that i am seeing someone but she and i are open to inviting someone into our bed. she is older then me, 30, very attractive and very sexual. she is perhaps maybe the best match i have had in terms of partners in a long time. it is odd becuase she and i met simply for a drink and wound up having great sex the first night something that i said i would not specifically do again unless i met the right woman, well there she was. we went to a local watering hole and talked for quite a bit then retired back to my place for a night cap. well we did not sleep that night and i walked her home. it was nice kinda high school, but still nice. after that she and i have spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. finding out what our common interests are, what it is that we want and all that stuff

Recently we have decided that we would like to bring someone into bed with us. she has not interest in sleeping with another man, which is kind of nice but at the same time it would be fun to watch her have sex with someone else. we narrowed it down to having a single woman join us. we would love to have her watch and join in, guess that is our exhibitionist spirit showing through, and take photos. we may also from time to time do web cam shows if we can find women who are interested in joining us on cam. so if you all are interested holler, she and i will post some pics and some more stories and hopefully we will find some to join us. well that is all for now more later.

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