Big girls can be sexy too!  

rm_kaylynshott 34M/32F
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5/1/2006 11:48 am

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9/21/2006 1:40 pm

Big girls can be sexy too!

I dont get the whole skinny girls thing now adays!Big girls can be just as hot!Is time we should be treated equally.Where ar eall the big girl strip clubs?I know they exists but far to little!maybe one a state if that?WTF!i think there should be one at least one in every town that has one or more regular strip clubs,dont you think so too?I wish id love to work at one
Please comment on this id like to know what everyone else thinks,of all sex types races and sizes!

rm_nebuck1000 49M

5/1/2006 12:21 pm

Well Kat if you ever find a club that is strictly BBW only,please tell me where it is.

rm_southeast5 50M/46F
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5/1/2006 12:24 pm

hiya well we love nice "big girls" not into the skinny types at all ,,,but thats just us ,,each to there own i guess,,have fun and be lucky,,xxxxxxxxxxx

rm_kaylynshott 34M/32F
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5/8/2006 5:26 pm

I have to say southeast that you havre such a cute behind

rm_littlejohnn2 48M
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6/5/2006 2:52 pm

does that go for big guys as well ?

rm_littlejohnn2 48M
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6/5/2006 2:54 pm

kat if you were stripping in a club i wud glady pay double to get in

rm_kaylynshott 34M/32F
5 posts
6/12/2006 2:23 pm

yea it goes for big guys too...i like some big guys as well..and thank you

rm_fireman4454 41M

9/18/2006 11:14 am

I have to agree. I am not into the Skinny women. That is why I married me a Healthy Girl.

36va36 48M/48F
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2/14/2007 2:12 pm

We love the idea!!!! We have a "no ribs rule" - in "if we can see your ribs when you take your clothes thanks!"

This goes for both men and women. You may be on to a great concept that could make you rich! We know lots of people that would come out to support you, and could probably rustle up some more dancers too. You would have to be equal opportunity though and have a stage for the men to dance too. We can't leave the "non-bi" women with nothing to do.

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