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9/20/2005 10:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well it's official....I am damn near finger in the butt bored. I'm not saying I have a finger in my butt right now, but I am saying that thinking about putting a finger in my butt did kill a good five minutes.

I find myself becoming stranger and stranger, however, I'm proud of myself for taking a short break from this blog. Even though I only posted a few times, a need to be accepted and have my blog read and commented on was overwhelming. Perhaps even though I have a "fuck em if they don't like me" attitude I think that I feel a need to be accepted on some level. Looks like you learn something about yourself every day.

I haven't had a mentally stimulating conversation in months. A friend of mine had a cookout a few weeks ago. I was out in his back yard having a smoke, a beer, and a conversation about motorcycles. My friend was talking about the top speed of his bike and for no apparent reason I started talking about aerodynamics and the effect of air movement and friction properties limiting his ultimate top speed. Everyone in the back yard looked at me with this blank look almost asking "who invited this geek?" I promptly grabbed another beer and told everyone to fuck off. Apparently that was the right thing to say because everyone laughed and the party started back up. I hate people.

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