Here begins my trek down the spiral  

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7/15/2005 11:55 pm

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Here begins my trek down the spiral

This is interesting. I realize that this being my first blog post that no one is going to read this so I am more or less speaking, or rather typing, to myself. Is this better or worse than talking to yourself? I guess this is better because technically there isn't anyone around to catch me do it. Getting caught talking to yourself is always awkward. I guess realizing that you may be nuts is what seperates us from the crazy derilict that live under freeway overpasses and scream incoherent ramblings at the top of their lungs.

This does bring up interesting questions though. I assume that this blog is going to be linked in my profile, and that anyone interested in contacting me will probably read this. That person (read: a hot ass chick with big knockers) is going to see that I am really a complete loon. I will now reference the above allusion to hot ass chicks with big knockers. I just wanted to explain that in my narrow mind all the chicks on here are hot and have perfect breasts that are begging to be set free and have my hands placed on them. I now ask for a moment of silence for large breasted hotties. Thank you. It is time for me to bring my first blog to a close, and would like to express gratitude to anyone who might read this and resist the urge to call the local authorities. I ensure you that I haven't been determined insane by a licensed professional, but I have been accused of being demented and of being an idiot by many. I shall also add that while I haven't been authenticated as a lunatic , my sanity hasn't been confirmed by a professional either. Has yours?

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