A good title escapes me  

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8/3/2005 12:46 am

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A good title escapes me

Well here I am on yet another sleepless night. I appreciate all the e-mails received in response to my other blog listings. I do ask that in the future please don't disguise your praises with offerings of Viagra and ways to make my penis larger. While I appreciate that you spent the time to look at my profile and see that my penis is of average length and girth, I don't think I'm going to take something ordered from an incomprehensible email that will affect my Johnson.

I really hope that someone understands my sense of humor. If that gem typed above goes unappreciated I will be sorely disappointed. Ah, screw it. I get me. I think I'm funny.

Speaking of totally inane verbage that junk e-mail contains, I am always entertained by their contents. I find myself reading them more often than not. I am sure that it is a mass mail program that throws words into documents to try and fool email provider's spam blockers, but sometimes they almost make sense. Take this for instance: I ordered son to fill my back enter until he'd finish deep into it in: (insert URL here). I really was going somewhere with that, but my train of thought derailed. Oh well, it mustn't have been that important.

I will now choose a mood from a very comprehensive list and add a random stupid photo that I keep in a folder on my computer. I'm sure that you will all be thrilled to know that after I post this I will go to my favorite free porn site (I assure you it's the king of all free porn sites) and masturbate to a video with no sound so I don't risk my roommates hearing it. This is what I do after all my posts. After masturbating I just might add another post to the blog so I have an excuse to stroke the bishop once more. Who knows? The world is mine.

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