You Don't Have 2 Bare All 2 Tell All...  

rm_katmilk2006 37F
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11/25/2005 10:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You Don't Have 2 Bare All 2 Tell All...

I am known to this site as the Black/Latin Queen. I am and will always be katmilk2006. I am very pleased with this site and its opportunities to meet people and be discreet about it. I am of course bi curious. I do like females along with males. I can relate to women's needs a little better than men. I also can't deny I do love a man's touch. What's your strong points?
In due respect,this site isn't for the people looking to meet ms.right or Mr.right. It is for the right now people. I don't have any explicit shots of myself up, but I do feel confident because I received all kinds of responses about my profile since I place it a week ago. Sometimes baring it all can turn people off more than turn them on. I want to use my imagination.. I want to tease myself on what my opposer may be working with. I like to get excited on thought before on sight. Feel me?

rm_katmilk2006 37F
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11/25/2005 10:44 pm

Anyone feel me?

deck304 40M  
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11/26/2005 12:47 am

I love it when you tell the truth ms lady.Show them how a real QUEEN should act.Notice I did not say women,because alot of them consider themself womens.

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