Sorry, but i am a Playgirl  

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8/30/2005 4:06 am

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Sorry, but i am a Playgirl

The masturbation school

Yes, i discovered its sweet “forbidden” secret pleasures very early. Even while my school time i fingered my pee hole each night for to get some sensations. So in soon i acquired a certain agility that it tried to share with my school friends. So i became the leader of a small girl group who passed the free afternoons in secret places for to masturbate together. For my school friends i was even then a slut. Because i was proud to stand in the middle of the group - skirt up and panties down - for to show to my friends my masturbating technique. And i loved also to demonstrate with my own fingers in my friends pussies how to do it well. So i invented finally for the group our mutual masturbation game.

But i showed my pee hole not only to the girls. I did it also for the boys without shame. And I asked them to show me in exchange their little boyhoods. More, I let the boys touching my piss hole and took the boys birdies in my hands.

In a book in mothers board i found one day the information what to do with a boyhood. So the next time i began to rub the prepuces slowly up and down, up and down, until the boys moaned. But I didn’t know much about the masculine sex. So I was surprised as i rubbed one day an older boy just in front of my face for to observe the reactions of this bigger cock, when suddenly this cock squirted a white liquid directly on my face...

So even in my school time i began to be this filthy little whore I am now. But opposite to now i made then no differences between the sexes. A few years later I learned to suck these cocks, to let them squirt the males cum over my face and my body or to swallow all. But even then my preference was to touch, to lick and eat females. What a great difference!

Today I am a fervent lesbian and don’t want males to penetrate me. But i always like sometimes to rub cocks and make them squirting. Just for fun and laughing. It gives me such a powerful feeling to put my hand around a males cock and make him submit to anything i want. Males are so helpless in my hand... hehehe!

It’s the same what happens to me too, when a woman put her fingers in my cunt and in my ass...

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